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Wet Warming Gel Lubricant


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  • Turn up the heat! Wet Warming gently heats on contact and warms with motion… blow on it, and it gets warmer.
  • Silky smooth, long-lasting, and water-soluble, this personal lubricant is harmless if ingested, and latex friendly.
  • Lick it and feel the heat between your sheets! Not recommended for those with sensitive skin.Now kosher!
  • Wet Warming is odorless, colorless, and latex friendly. It washes away easily with warm water.
  • Made with ethically-sourced, kosher-certified US Pharmacopeia grade palm glycerin and moisturizing Vitamin E.
  • It is recommended for use with all types of toys and for warming massage as well.
  • The intensity of the warming sensation will depend on the amount of moisture in. You can increase the sensation by spreading a thin layer of Wet Warming on the skin and blowing or breathing on it. The moisture in your breath will enhance the warming sensation.
  • Stimulating nipples and erogenous zones such as the back of the neck, the inner arm and inner thigh and backs of the ears can be very erotic.
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