What are the most revolutionary and safest butt satisfying products for men available in the market these days? In the ocean of anal plugs offered currently for sale, many products do not deserve your attention and can be unsafe to use. Our selection of anal toys relies on the expert opinions of therapists, psychologists and sexologists. We have also considered reviews of users, who dared to try new products for previously unknown intimate experience.

Amazing anal-play journey

It’s highly important to plunge into this experience gradually. Being a first-timer, do not try to get your butt stuffed with king-size plugs. It can be both painful and unsafe. Such details as the size, the material and the texture always matter when it comes to anal plugs. All other features, like vibration or a furry tail, are of less importance.

Beginners should start with a toy of a smaller size. Alternatively, they can buy a kit of differently sized plugs, and gradually come from small to big. It works like in sport, you need to acquire some practice and get yourself prepared for heavy loads. Be gentle to your own anus, stretch the tissue step by step, begin with anal plugs whose size is not bigger than a couple of fingers. After several sessions, you will be ready to try a bigger plug of a fist size. And sensations will be much more intense.

You may be surprised, but specialists recommend glass and metal anal plugs above other materials to beginners. Why? Primarily, because they’re non-porous and hence safe. Besides, it’s easy to clean glass and metal anal toys, and apply all kinds of lubricants to them.

Stick to the golden rule: “There can’t be too much lube”. Dry anal play can be really painful. However, you need to pay attention, what lube is okay for your anal plug. For example, silicone-based lubricants are not recommended for silicone toys because they damage the latter and let bacteria thrive. As for metal and glass toys, they perfectly do with silicone-based lubricants.

Now let us come straightly to the recommendations of sex educators who have studied the market of gay toys and announced the products which are worth trying.

Anal-play sets

A high-quality anal play kit is one of the best solutions who has no much butt stuffing experience. Begin with a smaller plug and proceed to bigger ones, gently stretching the anus with no pain. Anal Adventures is the basic plug kit that can be used both alone and with a partner. The plugs have a simple design that is perfect from the anatomical point of view. Add some lube and the journey will be exceptionally smooth and pleasing.

If you want to add vibration to the anal play experience, you can try Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set that includes three unique beaded plugs made from silky-smooth silicone. Switch between the seven functions to adjust the intensity and the speed of vibration and get the best sexy sensations.

Glass Anal Training Trio is one of the greatest choices for first-timers. Although, pros can also have much fun with the super trio. Glass is a pure, easy-to-clean material that protects you from any bacteria and infections. Take your time and focus on training to prepare your muscles for something really big.

One more worthy alternative is Jet Anal Trainer Kit made from carbon metal. As safe as glass, this product will let you dive into the exciting anal-play that will end with an explosive orgasm. Take the small one, and proceed to the large when your anus is open enough.

The best anal-play products for pros

The gorgeous black carbon metallic dildo – Jet Dark Steel can take you anything you want. You decide, how deep you are ready to go with a 14” monstrous metal dildo!

Spark-Ignition has become of the most favorite toys of many gay men. It’s super stylish and beautiful and, at the same time, highly effective for ultimate P-spot stimulation. This product can become the pride of your private sex toy collection.

Insta-Gaper is another interesting solution for stretching the anus to fuckable big. This toy is like a bad boy willing to torture you by crazy sensations. Shove it inside or let you partner help you.

Rather simple and functional, Booty Call Booty Rocker is the toy to be recommended to majority of gay men. They have thoughtfully approached to the design of the toy to make it very ergonomic, flexible, functional and very easy to retrieve. It must undoubtedly appear in your collection.

The large plug Double Tunnel consists of two uniquely shaped and tapered plugs for easy insertion and cool sensations. This product reflects the innovative approach to creation of revolutionary anal toys. Do you want to know the secret about Double Tunnel? Its transparent clear design allows you to see directly into your lover! Opt for water-based lubricants and use a bar of mild soap when you clean the plug.