It’s not a secret anymore that the prostate stimulation is the shortest way to an explosive orgasm. Gay men have a privilege of using numerous and diverse P-spot massagers and enjoy the sensations that remain undiscovered by the majority of straight men. This sort of a sex toy allows to reach the most sensitive spot responsible for the brightest orgasms.

Many users believe P-spot massagers more comfortable than dildos due to a more moderate size and less straight appearance. You should try both silicone and metal massagers as they give different sensations and each have their own advantages. Try out a vibrating function for stimulation of the gland as well.

This article will help you understand what P-spot massagers may satisfy your needs best, and why they successfully compete with dildos.

Why choose a prostate massager over a dildo?

Let us figure out why you need to replace a dildo with a P-spot massager for anal play?

P-spot massagers are more targeted, their main goal is to reach that very spot and get it stimulated, while dildos are more multifunctional, more straight-forward and curvy. P-spot massagers are designed for anal play and anal play only. Among all gay toys, this very category is the most satisfying from the physical point of view.

Why try out a metal P-spot massager?

Some think it’s just crazy to insert a metal massager in the anal hole. It’s truly weightier and kind of cold (or warm, if you get it warmed under the tap water, for example). Metal toys are non-porous and therefore very easy to clean and highly durable. They give different sensations and it’s only up to you if you like them best.

The best products for prostate play recommended by users and experts

If you want the toy to be not only functional but also stylish and beautiful, pick Avant – D14 – Heart of Gold for pleasurable anal play. Its perfect shape is crafted with your orgasmic experience in mind. Use it with a harness or without, and enjoy its artisanal design. The toy is 100% body-safe, being made from high-quality silicone cured with platinum.

The Manus Intruder is that very metal device that will probably meet your expectations. Wear the device for disquiet and pleasurable experience. The product is made from perfect stainless steel and it represents a cock ring and an anal plug 2 in 1.

Get some anal training with Silicone Wavy Prostate Exerciser so much recommended by buyers. The designers considered all the details of the male anatomy and created this massager with your pleasure in mind. The great silicone that has no pores is easily cleaned and scent-free.

Vibrating P-Spot massagers stimulate the prostate by the very shape and size of the toy and vibrations sent to the most sensitive area of your body.

We love Zero Tolerance the Great Prostate toy for the promise of a bright orgasm that is always kept. It is inserted easily thanks to its ergonomic shape and moves inside of your body comfortably and pleasurably. The toy has seven levels of intensity in every motor. Give the massager to your partner and use the function of wireless remote control for intriguing fun.

Another stylish product to be recommended is P-spot Extreme Vibe for incredible sensations targeted to the P-spot. The insertable length of the toy is 6,5 inches which is rather satisfying. The toy has a powerful motor so you are going to enjoy even more intensive prostate stimulation. Try to use in a SPA or a bath tube for relaxed sexual moments.

Pretty Love Heather Thrusting Butt Plug has twelve patterns of vibration and three up and down functions. Users like both the fuchsia color of the toy and its ability to give incredible satisfaction. Super soft to touch, this toy is made from non-allergenic silicone. Noiseless and comfy, it’s designed for amazing sensual anal play.

If you want to experience something really special – flexible, bendable, unexpectedly good – opt for Silicone Bendie Power Probe. Play in the water and make the anal play even more sensual and relaxed. Feel the pure pleasure with the toy that fully adapt to the curves of your body. Recharge with AAA batteries and keep play again.

Anal Fantasy Collection Ribbed P-Spot Vibe adds new sensations of the ribbed surface to the fun of vibration and stimulation of the prostate. Easily insertable with a tapered tip, this toy has a noiseless motor that produces great vibrations to that very spot. The material is perfectly fine – premium silicone – super hygienic, non-allergenic and soft. The producer cares about your comfort and convenience and provides you with a couple of finger sleeves, desensitizing cream, lubricant and a cleaning solution which all come with the toy. The massager has the moderate insertable length of four inches being one inch wide. It will be a decent thing in your personal erotic collection.