Even in the absence of breasts, men also have sensitive nipples. Some even say that nipples are the most sensitive spot on their bodies. This fact largely opens to door to the world of nipple stimulation research and practice.

Some men also play with their nipples while having sex. Especially queer men … because they tend to know their body better and have less stereotypes. They do not have any fear around exploration of various sensitive zones including nipples.

As for the sex toy industry, it has never ignored the nipple area as an erogenous zone, and now it has a great variety of nipple toys not only for women but also for men.

Nipples can be stimulated by the fingers or the tongue of the partner, ice or wax, but it’s even better when the partner is occupied with hotter stimulation and satisfaction, while your nipples are stimulated by special nipple suckers or clamps. They can elicit an intensive reaction throughout the entire body of yours. When nipples are pinched, you get a cool pleasurable stimulation that courses through the veins. It’s like feeling alive!

Playful, kinky, spicy!

It’s also great to buy nipple clamps because it’s a hassle-free kind of toy that does not need batteries, lubricant or washing, you just take it out at a moment’s notice. Nipple toys are often used for the kinky entourage but you don’t have to turn sex into a BDSM session only because you use nipple clamps. It depends on your preferences and mood.


Gold Magnetic Clamps, for example, represent pieces of luxury and fetish items. The magnets gently squeeze nipples to keep them harder and delicately spice the things up. We like the distinctive design of the clamps and the very idea to turn nipple toys into fashion accessories.


Silver Nipple Vises are also created for fashion-forward men who wish to intensify pleasure with style. The vises feature screws for adjusting pressure to the desired level.

Nipple clamps have some types, they may look like a mouth of alligator or tweezers, they may also have strings or a magnetic element. It’s hard to recommend certain models because it is purely the choice of preferences.


There are even electric clamps like Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps who want to try electric stimulation with the button of control from slow to fast.

Some men like to play it hard, especially experienced ones, others just want to spice up a sexual play a bit. If you hesitate how intensive it should be in your case, try adjustable clamps and tighten them up to the desired level. If you seek something more than sensations only, go for playful designer models and arrange a little sexual show. Modern shops of gay toys have a wide range of cool nipple clamps – from metal, feather, silicone and more.

Our Top-5 Nipple Clamps 2021

Among all the models and cool designer solutions, we have tested and chose the best five nipple toys that will probably impress you both by functionality and the way they look.

#5 Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Clamps and Cockring Set


This one is surely for those who freely practise BDSM and like sexual experiments. Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Clamps and Cockring Set belong to the category of alligator clamps and attract by a metal cockring attached thereto, making the product highly functional and unusual. When the chains move, they make nipples harder, the pressure can be adjusted with a special strap. With this set, you are going to find out more about your own fetish desires.

#4 Ringed Monarch Nipple Vice


To paradise through restrictions! This accessory demonstrates the beauty of endurance at its best. Ringed Monarch Nipple Vice can be used both by a couple and a single user. Turn on your imagination and let the nipple vice add amazing sensations to your erotic mood. By pulling the O-ring, you increase the pressure and feel the pleasurable pain and arousal.

#3 COLT Muscle Nips Pump


This is a system for nipple stimulation based on a suction effect. It features silicone hoses with special valves to turn the thing on and off. You can super suction and intensify the pressure to the ultimate level. COLT Muscle Nips Pump seems a bit complicated but it’s actually rather simple to use. Give it a try to compare the suction effect nips to classic alligator models.

#2 Nipple Play Playful Tassels Nipple Clamps


Nipple Play Playful Tassels Nipple Clamps are created for fashionistas and fetishists who like to add something cool and sensuous to their erotic experience. The clamps are completely adjustable and can be very soft and teasing, and therefore good for blushing first-timers.

#1 Game of Chains Extreme Clamp Bondage System


The system features the unique design and high-quality materials. Game of Chains Extreme Clamp Bondage System is an instrument of dominance – stylish and adjustable from soft to extreme. It’s a perfect thing to punish a submissive and keep him under control. The clamps can be attached to any spot on the body, not limited to nipples, so it all depends only on your imagination.