P-spot massagers are gaining popularity and arouse more and more interest among gay and even straight men. These compact sex toys help to discover new sides of male sexuality and prevent some unwanted health issues. Queer men have long ago begun reporting that the brightest orgasms come when they use toys for prostate stimulation.

Multiple benefits of P-spot massage

In Asia, men widely practice this sort of massage for enhancement of sexual performance. And they suffer from prostate cancer less than men who never massage their prostates. Centuries ago men from those countries who had several wives used to hire specialists for prostate massages for better sexual performance. Those who have painful ejaculation may also solve this issue with a prostate massager. But moving away from the health benefits of prostate massagers, we want to focus on the ultimate pleasure provided by the use of these gay toys.

Anal stimulation is the path to mind-blowing sensations. You can use it alone or share this fun with your partner to become closer than ever. If you feel embarrassed about choosing a P-spot massager, read the tips presented below and pick a couple of models with a different level of stimulation and made from different materials. Sexual experiments are always exciting!

First-timers are recommended to progress slow, staying in the comfort zone and avoiding any pain. Do not try to become an anal “sensei” as soon as you have inserted it in your butt. Prolong the exploration and proceed gradually to the highest peak of sexual pleasure with the most recommended P-spot massagers presented in the market.

Prostate Massagers Recommended by Anal Play Gurus

When you try a prostate massager in practice, you will certainly ask yourself why you haven’t done this earlier. This toy will bring you to orgasms of the next level similar to those women have through stimulation of G-spot. Shortly speaking, stuffing a butt this way is explosively pleasant. Materials, P-spot massagers are made from, widely vary from silicone to stainless steel. Don’t be afraid of the latter, just be gentle while penetrating the toy. Let your hole open gradually and use much lube to avoid discomfort. Make sure, you’re fully relaxed and ready to be pleasantly stuffed.


Full-body orgasms are easily achieved with Anal Fantasy Elite P-Motion Massager made from hypoallergenic, safe and smooth material. The convenient handle will help you control the massager and prevent you from inserting it too far in your butt. The toy has five powerful options of vibration, so you have much space for experiments. Use in a SPA or a shower, play it with your partner for new refreshing experience.


Icicles No. 2 Hand Blown Glass Massager is a gorgeous product for those men who wish to try something special – a P-spot massager made from glass. We absolutely love the design of this product – each detail is perfect and tempting. Icicles No. 2 is safe, sleek and exclusively created for a hard sexual play. Get it chilled a bit for cool sensations.


Three Point Prostate Silicone Massager is a good choice regardless of your previous experience. The toy is easily adjusted to your own desire with a multiple choice of functions and vibrations. The producer guarantees bright intense climaxes!


You can play harder with Zero Tolerance the Great Prostate toy. It’s more powerful than average massagers and more precise while massaging the prostate. What you feel is extraordinary sensations – even more intensified when the toy is used in the water. Give the total control to your partner to play this erotic game together. How intense will it be when he has the remote control?


If you want a long one, try Dr. Joel Kaplan 6.5” Prostate Stimulator with five amazing functions. Angle the toy the way you like for fantastic experience. Nothing can compare to this orgasmic explosion!


OptiMale Vibrating P Massager with a wireless remote control will be the favorite toy in your erotic collection. Those nerve endings in your butt will get unforgettable sensations once you activate this vibrating toy. Seven options of vibration allow to adjust what you feel and finally bring you to up to heaven. The design of the massager is perfect it every curve.


Reach all sensitive areas in the butt with Optimale Rimming P-Massager customized for optimized prostate stimulation. Individualize the process with different modes available with the toy. You have three speed options and ten patterns of vibration to choose from.


Make all your body shake with an orgasm with Anal Fantasy Collection P-Motion Massager made from silky smooth silicone. Those moving rolling balls will make you scream with pleasure. The toy features the unique sphincter stimulating mechanism, two powerful motors, five patterns of vibration and three speeds.