What kinds of backdoor play have you already tried? It’s a very sensitive zone for stimulation that deserves more attention beyond ordinary finger play. Using butt plugs can be a very bright addition to your ordinary sex life. You are going to reveal new amazing sides of your own sexuality and build more trustful intimate relations with your partner.

An anus has a lot of nerve endings and butt plugs are especially designed to give the ultimate pleasure based on stimulation of this area. It’s not a big deal to insert the sex toy in your butt, if you properly use a good lubricant. Once you get it inserted, you may feel a bit cold and stretched. Many users prefer to warm a butt plug up or lubricant before they start playing. When made from materials other than metal or glass, it’s not a problem at all.

How does it actually feel to wear a butt plug?

You feel full, satisfied, stimulated. A prostate of a man, along with its main vital functions, represents a sexual organ. Prostate stimulation can give you very pleasant sensations intensified when you change position, walk or move. This small toy can spice up your sex the way you haven’t expected. You enjoy the sexual process by itself, but with a butt plug, pleasure with a partner turns into a firework! So, your normal orgasm is enhanced by prostate stimulation to bring you up to heaven.

Butt plug: how to choose one

When you see all those catalogs with anal plugs, you truly don’t know where to look first. Some toys look more like a piece of jewelry and many users enjoy this feature pretty much. Imagination of designers has no boundaries: they experiment with materials, shapes, sizes and colors. Rubber, plastic, jelly, silicone, glass or metal are all good in their own ways, and you can’t know what you like best until you try. Plastic toys are cheaper than stainless steel and perform main functions of fulness and stretching. If you want the plug to be noticeable, choose among those products that look like pieces of jewelry. It’s quite unusual, you know, when you have a rosebud in your butt. Sex with extraordinary, unusual, sophisticated and extravagant gay toys lay the path to intense colors of your orgasms.

As for the weight of a butt plug, it can vary from a few grams to half a kilogram depending on a material. In fact, the more it weighs, the more intense feeling it provides. But some users do not like too heavy plugs, so you should try some of them to understand which material is best for you.

The most recommended anal plugs you gonna like


To estimate the most suitable fulness just for you, begin with Anal Adventures – Basic Plug Kit. It includes three plugs of different sizes to be tried alone or with a partner. Each plug is anatomically right and suitable for gradual anal training. You won’t have any problems with insertion, so proceed from the smallest to the biggest one for fantastic sensations.


Another kit to try is Satisfyer Plug Set of Three with a bit different bumps. This kit is also cool for beginners as it features three options to try. Exercise with the first one, and then proceed to the second of a bigger size. This must be a thrilling journey!


If you don’t mind to play with your partner with a butt plug as a foreplay toy, try Anal Fantasy Elite Remote Control Anal Teaser created from high-quality super elite silicone. We like the ergonomic design of the toy and powerful vibrating functions for ultimate pleasure.


What would you say about glass plugs? It’s worth trying! Glass Anal Training Trio is the perfect choice to start this adventure. It’s equally cool for beginners and experienced users. Glass is a non-allergenic and non-porous material, you can easily clean and reuse it eternally. Lube the plugs up for easy insertion and more pleasure. Absolutely satisfying and very sexual both functionally and visually!


If you want to buy an especially beautiful and luxurious thing, pay attention to Luxe – Bling Plugs Training Kit in Pink Color. The great feature of the kit is that you move from small to big gradually. These plugs are so satin smooth that you especially like to feel them with your skin. The tight neck provides moderate pressure and the flared top securely holds it inside the butt.


We should not ignore metal plugs that have become hits of the market. One of them is Jet-Annihilator that brings you to the dark side of sex. This must be the most intense journey you’ve had. Maybe, it’s a bit too much for beginners, but experienced plug-users will be absolutely happy to use it. It’s big, multi-ripple, strong and gorgeous!


Unicorn Tails Rainbow is the ultimate fun you can get from using anal plugs. So much colorful and bright, it will turn you immediately on once you insert it in your partner’s butt. The product is 100% safe and silky smooth to touch, so don’t worry about anything and enjoy the process.