Revolution comes fast! Especially when in the world of LGBT sex toys. Some gay couples have got their first experience with sex toys just recently, and now they have a huge abundance of weird, hi-tech, alien-looking toys to choose from. Is it truly worth experimenting? Maybe it’s better to stay conservative?

The pandemic became another significant reason for the market to rise. Sex toys sales have greatly increased since spring 2020. Producers and designers had enough time to invent something new and realize amazing ideas in practice. Some people have already tried newly-designed products but they are still not widely reviewed in the web.

It’s high time to rediscover the market of gay toys and find new sex moves and vibes with a new gadget in your bedroom. To get the best of the present-day market, skim the cream off the available abundancy, check out this Top-20 list of highly recommended products in 2021!

#20 Gyrating Ass Thruster

Compact, light-weighed, powerful gadget for extreme pleasure! You won’t be able to get enough of these thrusting and gyrating thrills! The toy offers seven incredible patterns of vibration which make your journey full of new sensations. Gyrating Ass Thruster has a vibrating bullet at the tip and a powerful piston to thrust and gyrate inside your body. The rechargeable toy is charged with a USB cord that comes with the gadget. Besides, you can heat the shaft up to 40C to make the play even hotter!

#19 Ultra Soft Crazy 8 Ring

This dual enhancer ring is good enough both for beginners and experienced users of sex toys. Soft, stretchy and comfortable, Ultra Soft Crazy 8 Ring is a fantastic erection-assistant. Try the silicone ring to improve sensitivity, prolong stamina and come to an explosive climax! This toy is absolutely safe, harmless and easy-to-clean.

#18 Cock and Ball Anal Teaser

Many erotic experts choose Cock and Ball Anal Teaser to ensure explosive pleasure and get heavenly sensations. The leash connects the plug, the penis rings and the ball strap, the toy looks strange but is simple to use. You can apply any kinds of gel to make the experience even smoother. The basic material of the toy is body-safe silicone which can be recommended even to allergic users. 

#17 Pretty Love Magic Fingers Remote Vibrator

This cute alien is created for mind-blowing orgasms. Users say the vibrator brings them right to the parallel universe! Pretty Love Magic Fingers Remote Vibrator can be safely used in a bath to be further recharged with a USB. The toy is made from safe medical silicone which is compatible with any lubricants you like. Enjoy 12 modes of vibration and make this journey super-pleasant and adventurous.

#16 Naughty Bits Ombre Hombre Vibrating Dildo

Bright exotic colors but truly life-like forms – Naughty Bits Ombre Hombre Vibrating Dildo will bring much fun to your erotic play. The creators ensured highly intense functions of vibration and wrapped the toy into sparkling cosmic colors. The pleasure is controlled with a single button, so you don’t need to focus on the functionality but completely enjoy realistic penetration thrills instead. Super soft and flexible, the dildo is still hard enough to feel the satisfying fulness. Give a try to this cool toy all alone or with a partner of yours.

#15 Model R Smooth Rimming Plug With Remote Control

This one has already been tried by many users who excitedly recommend it to others. Model R Smooth Rimming Plug With Remote Control is a new high-tech gadget that anticipates another sex revolution! It is much better than your average butt plug, because its functions provide the feeling of a rim job to you – the plug gently massages the hole with rotating beads and it feels like a firework. You can experience many shades of pleasure around your sphincter with this toy. Three speeds and five vibration patterns with a wireless mode and light up buttons to be used in the dark – this model is surely worth trying!

#14 Fantasy C-Ringz Remote Control Double Penetrator

Fantasy C-Ringz Remote Control Double Penetrator will add much fun to erotic games of gay couples. Trust your partner and let him choose pulsation patterns to control your pleasure and thrills. The double penetrator has a powerful bullet and a stretchy cock ring. The size of the toy fits almost any user. By the way, the penetrator comes with moist lubricant and special cleaner included in the kit.

#13 Unicorn Tails Rainbow

Unicorn Tails Rainbow is the product for those couples who fully trust each other, can easily experiment together and have fun in the bedroom. Designers made a colorful, bright tail for horny lovemaking and new butt sensations provided with a smooth silky silicone anal plug. Go kinky together with Unicorn Tails Rainbow!

#12 Hunky Junk Lockdown Chastity

Just like a good piece of meat, Hunky Junk Lockdown Chastity toy will prolong your kinky games and restrain erection. The toy is created for those who experiment with BDSM games and wish to try something new. Hunky Junk Lockdown Chastity can be hidden under clothing and worn for long hours without any discomfort, as it has air vents.

#11 Colt Vibration Cock Ring

Colt Gear Vibration Cock Ring is s super powerful wireless sex gadget. Extra support and stimulation with a three-snap ring that can be adjusted to any size. The pure and body-safe American toy comes with batteries.

#10 Jet-Destroyer – Carbon Metallic Black

Super-satisfying metallic dildo is made to destroy in the best meaning of this word! It’s going to stretch it and fill you like a sexy pro. Are you ready for the massive rounded head with realistic veins to enter the game? Jet-Destroyer 10 inches long will bring you to heaven!

#9 Game of Chains Extreme Clamp Bondage System

Another cool toy for kinky fun with your partner. Game of Chains Extreme Clamp Bondage System has a unique design that promises intensive pinching pleasure. Determined the favorite level of masochism with the high-quality clamps from Master Series. Use the chains & clamps all together or independently, get a leash connected for more fun!

#8 Saffron Ping Pong Paddle

When classics becomes sophisticated, it looks like Saffron Ping Pong Paddle! It’s easy to get wild with this thing in your hands! You have not even suspected that you could be so much sadistic! Make it hurt in a beautiful elegant way! Stinging smacks provide amazing contrasting sensations and exotic pleasure. Add the product to your BDSM arsenal.

#7 Pdx Male Reach Around Stroker

Absolutely amazing tight butt hole and a realistic cock for lifelike experience. Pdx Male Reach Around Stroker is made from very soft flesh material and textured inside for intensive stimulation. It will give you unforgettable jack-off sessions or much fun if you decide to use it with a lover.

#6 Dr. Skin – 16 Inch Double Dildo

Doctor is entering the game to give you much space for sexy exploration. Try new positions with this extra-long dildo that can be used from both sides at once. The product has realistic details and perfect firmness to simulate the lifelike effect. Dr. Skin – 16 Inch Double Dildo is easy to clean and serves long being made from non-porous PVC.

#5 Colt 7-Function Twin Turbo Bullets

Pulsate, escalate, vibrate with Colt 7-Function Twin Turbo Bullets to enhance pleasure and orgasms. The dual bullets are controlled with a single push button. Just turn the gadget off, when you’re finished, instead of powering down. Prepare four AA batteries to get the play started.

#4 Vulcan Realistic Anus

Do you like cyberskin sex products? We surely do! They create amazingly realistic sensations. Vulcan Realistic Anus perfectly mimics the feel of a real tight hole with the same ribs and chambers. If you close your eyes, it will be just like a real ass penetrated with you cock. The toy can be used both with a plastic casing or without it.

#3 Colt Hefty Probe Inflatable Butt Plug

You want it big, you get it! Just inflate the plug to the desired size! Colt Hefty Probe Inflatable Butt Plug feels soft and gentle to your skin. It’s provided with a comfy squeeze bulb and a quick release valve.

#2 Virtual Sex Featherweight Cyberskin Cock & Ass

Perfect creation for super-realistic sex without in the absence of a real partner. Virtual Sex featherweight Cyberskin Cock & Ass is easy to maneuver, being rather lightweight, but still heavy enough to feel it like a real ass with a cock. You can use standard sexual positions, as if you truly fucked a guy. The tight anal hole and the ribbed inner surface will bring you many bright orgasms.

#1 Basix Rubber Works Jelly Egg

Basix Rubber Works Jelly Egg is the toy for experienced users and beginners, made for solo play and fun with a partner. These bullets will ensure precise pleasure and exciting massage sensations. In fact, it’s a classic design with a modern twist, representing the best piece of rubber created in the United States. The vibration modes of the waterproof egg are very powerful and intensive, the remote control function involves a long cord for your convenience.