Some people do not even suspect that sex toys designed specially for gay men exist. But they do. And not only they exist, they often outmatch sex toys created for heterosexual men. It may be explained by the highest level of quality normally expected by gay consumers. Struggling for their rights for long years, they treat this aspect more sensitively and seriously.

We are not going to deny the fact that adult toys for the gay, bisexual and queer men have nothing in common with those for heterosexual ones, as all men have the same anatomy. The same nerve endings, sensitive areas, respond to vibration and stimulation. However, sexuality is very personal and men may have different preferences and erogenous zones. The modern market tries to satisfy all sexual desires and comes with a huge number of options and designs. Those men who have just started to study this niche can easily tie themselves into knots trying to choose any adult accessory. That’s why it’s recommended to entrust experts who spend time and use their knowledge to figure out the best sex toys for bisexual, gay and queer men presented in the market.

This article covers TOP-15 gay toys chosen by customers and approved by experts.

#15 Anal Fantasy Elite Remote-Control P-Spot Pro

Prostate stimulation is the key to the brightest sexual sensations for the gay and bisexual men. Sex toys for P-spot anal play have different shapes and functions. Anal Fantasy Elite Remote-Control P-Spot Pro is created to give you amazing intense orgasms and powerful perineum stimulation. Customers like the minimalistic ergonomic design of the anal toy and the wide range of vibration and stimulation patterns. Once inserted, it quickly adapts to the temperature of your body and saves you from any discomfort. Recharged via USB, it’s always ready to bring you another sexual adventure! Wireless remote control is easily operated with a single button. The toy comes with special cleaner, anal lube, anal cream for easy insertion and a nitrile glove.

It’s hard to mention any cons about this product, but compared to other toys with similar design, its price is actually higher. Those who use sex toys for anal play for the first time are recommended to choose products of lower intensity.

#14 Finger-Fuck Reversible Jo & Penetration Toy-Police

Fucking with fingers is perfect as teasing foreplay. Finger-Fuck Reversible Jo & Penetration Toy-Police is a rubbery glove that magically transforms your hand into a professional anal fucker. Explore the hole with curiosity and varying intensity to add some BDSM colors to your sex. We like the sleek and shiny material soft to touch and easily stretching. The glove fits any size and strikes with the very idea of intense sensations achieved through simplicity. However, this product belongs to the BDSM category and some men can treat as an aggressive attacker. Do not forget to apply anal lube to the glove before you start the play.

#13 Master Series Dark Stopper Metal & Silicone Anal Plug

Master Series Dark Stopper Metal & Silicone Anal Plug is created for hard anal stuffing. The ridges contribute to intensity. This is why, choose a milder toy if you hesitate about a weighted plug in your hole.

Experienced players, on the contrary, find the plug rather satisfying and tend to add it to masturbation and foreplay. Some even wear the plug throughout the day! Thanks to the modern design, it slides in with ease and sits comfortably between the cheeks.

Speaking about “arguments against”, we need to mention that this plug does not like to contact silicone lubes.

#12 Fifty Shades Darker at My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps

Another cool BDSM accessory – Fifty Shades Darker at My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps to make sexual play spicier. The tips of the clamps are covered with silicone so you won’t feel too much pain. The weight is perfect for sensational pinch and pull. Use the accessory for masturbation, intercourse and erotic foreplay. As for the cons, keep in mind that only 20% of gay couples dare to play with nipple clamps – it’s not for everyone.

#11 Pdx Male Interactive Bad Boy Masturbator

Closer to reality than ever before! Pdx Male Interactive Bad Boy Masturbator can bring you unforgettable experience! It is equipped with a synchronized vibrating bullet, Hi-Fi speaker, USB charger, posable cock and dirty language technology activated with motion. Great toy who wants to fuck harder and dirtier. No mercy at all! Among the cons: you will not be able to keep it in a small box or a drawer.

#10 Anchor’s Away Anal Beads in Lavender Color

Anchor’s Away Anal Beads in Lavender Color is difficult to pass by while looking through the catalog of anal beads. The only question – does it work as good as it looks like? Yes, it does! Especially when you don’t mind to insert firm beads or plugs into your secret hole. Looks like the toy is made from lavender glass but the accessory represents a set of jelly flexible beads easily inserted in the anal hole. Easy to clean and to control with help of the handle. But do not move it too intensively to save it from splitting.

#9 Open Mouth Head Harness

Oh, this leather strapped accessory is for those who likes aggressive BDSM play. Magical punishment happens when the toy is unplugged. The victim’s mouth is forcedly open to submit to harsh sexual invasion. The tormenting and teasing harness can easily turn a man on just by its look. But when you purchase Open Mouth Head Harness, keep in mind that the one who wears the harness truly loses control and feels humiliated.

#8 Virgin Ass Palm Pal

Super-tight stroker your cock has been waiting for! Virgin Ass Palm Pal is molded from an actual person to replicate a realistic hymen, the toy makes masturbation extremely pleasurable. You can enjoy using it with one hand only. Cons: when used in a harsh manner in a series of sessions, it can “lose its virginity”.

#7 King Cock 7” Two Cocks One Hole – Light

Ultimate satisfaction – King Cock products are among favorite ones among gay men. The handcrafted King Cock 7” Two Cocks One Hole has an average size being rather flexible, so you can actually challenge the toy even if you don’t feel like an experienced anal adventurer. The dildo has a powerful suction cup base and works with different types of harnesses. It’s exactly what you need to that very exciting feeling of fulness. No disadvantages have been mentioned by users!

#6 OptiMale P Massager – Black

The toy speaks for pleasure, intense orgasms and men’s health! Made from flexible, high-quality silicone, it is ideal for comfortable use with easy release. You can vary the intensity and enjoy maximum satisfaction. OptiMale P Massager is fully body-safe and does not contain phthalate, experts do not mention any cons.

# 5 Oxballs TruckT Cock & Ball Ring – Clear Pack of 2

Large and small rings that both can stretch to five times of their sizes. Oxballs TruckT Cock & Ball Rings are made for a good grip on the cock and balls and better erection. Use the large around the cock and balls for intense pleasure and the small one for tons of grip. But let’s admit it, cock rings do not improve sex, they make it … different.

#4 King Cock 9 Inch Squirting Cock With Balls

Pure perfection! King Cock 9 Inch Squirting Cock With Balls is realistic, super-satisfying, hand-sculpted, hypoallergenic and body-safe. Compared to other realistic dildos, this one has the exciting ejaculating ability that adds more realism to the process. The American cum-play toy is probably too big for those who still feel unsure about opening too widely. However, the next toy can help you with this…

#3 Master Series Clawed Expanding Clear Dilator

Made with style, Master Series Clawed Expanding Clear Dilator will help you to expand and let your partner get a new view of your hole. Penetration is getting easier and more manageable. You can also use the toy prior to playing with King size dildos, for example. Clean the dilator after sessions with soap and warm water. Speaking of the cons, we can only mention that some users deny the very idea of using intense anal claws.

#2 Dr Joel Kaplan Explorer Kit

Exciting solo exercises and naughty play with a partner are always better when you have Dr Joel Kaplan Explorer Kit at hand. These sex accessories can already be called classics. The best of comfort, anal training and sexual stimulation. The set includes a bulb, a graduated probe and a tapered probe. Tip attachment is added to the kit. The kit will make you prepared for more “aggressive” anal sex toys. Cons: you won’t find any ultimately new functions in the kit.

#1 Inflatable 11-Inch Super Dong – Black

Position No. 1 belongs to a very curious accessory! Highly recommended by users, Inflatable 11-Inch Super Dong does not have an unpleasant smell of rubber and fulfills ultimate sexual desires. The easily pumped dong grows in size for more and more incredible experience! You control the size with the hand pump that comes with the dong. Cons: you need to pump it up first before you use it.