Fetishism does not make people freakish, it makes them different and special. You don’t need to shout about your sexual “oddities” from the housetops but neither you need to be ashamed of them. The sex toys market is flooded with fetish toys both for heterosexual couples and gay men, who create demand for this category of products.

Fetish toys reflect sexual symbolism or idolism and arouse sexual desire. They may look like articles of daily use – gloves, masks, whips, cuffs – but their underneath meaning is deeply erotic. Most of people prefer to purchase fetish toys from online shops to keep their anonymity. Fortunately, fetish gay toys are also available to be ordered online. The range of products is amazingly wide.

In this article we are going to name the best fetish toys for gay and queer men chosen by experts and buyers themselves. So, let’s get it started!

#15 Japanese Bondage Purple Silicone Cuffs

BDSM cuffs and other restraining accessories are mostly made from leather and metal but these ones come as the unusual silicone option. Japanese Bondage Purple Silicone Cuffs are chosen by both beginners and experienced BDSM fans as they find this product safe, durable and non-irritating for the skin.

Silicone is suitable for light bondage play: being rather flexible, it provides comfortable restraining effect with no pain. It never causes bruises or snagging like it happens sometimes with metallic hardware of leather toys. By the way, it can be worn both on wrists and ankles.

#14 Boneyard the Spank

Spanking paddle for beginners and advanced users is created for sweet punishment from high-quality silicone that does not cause any long-lasting marks on the skin. Boneyard the Spank has the rectangular shape and features the skull-themed raised design that imprints into the skin for a short period of time. Compared to leather products, silicone paddles are more flexible and more suitable for sensitive skin.

#13 Sex and Mischief Please Crop

Such a beautiful light punishment accessory to tease and awake sexual fantasies! Silver and gold elements wonderfully contribute to the vegan leather looped head. Sex and Mischief Please Crop adorned with rose gold caps also features a faux braided handle. The total length of the crop is 23,5 inches.

#12 Spreader bar

Heat up your sexual experience with the comfortable spreader bar! The bondage is designed to strap the partner with his ankles wide apart and his wrists in between the ankles. This position provides a lot of sexual possibilities for your erotic play. Spreader bar can put one of you into doggy style and make the session long enough without any discomfort for the “victim”. Spanking, repeated orgasms and fantasies transforming into reality – this is what this accessory can do for you both!

#11 Ox Bull Nose Nipple Clamps

Both clamps are attached to a single chain and simply adjusted to the preferred level of intensity. The plaything won’t feel much pain as the tips of the clamps are coated in vinyl. Looks like a torturing toy but it speaks for safety and comfort. Ox Bull Nose Nipple Clamps are pretty much cool for mild BDSM sensations.

#10 Claw Hook Mouth Spreader

Another spreading accessory to restrain one partner and give the rule to another. Claw Hook Mouth Spreader gets the slutty mouth wide open for any things to be put inside. The instrument for humiliation is chosen by advanced BDSM users, do not try to experiment with this toy if you still hesitate that one of you is ready to submit this much.

#9 Claw Textured Glove

The rubbery wonder toy created for fantastic foreplay! Claw Textured Glove has three fingers and each of them has its own unique ultimate dildo shape. Do you like to explore holes? Use this stretchy glove for exciting exploration of hungry holes in the unusual way.

#8 Scandal Trip Pleasure Wheel

Add some thrills to sexual experience with Scandal Trip Pleasure Wheel. We like how beautiful, stylish and teasing this accessory is. It is made from heavy-duty, non-tarnishing Zinc alloy that does not contain nickel. A piece of real luxury in your collection of gay sex toys!

#7 The Manus Intruder

Keep him subdued in pleasure and disquiet with the Manus Intruder that consists of a cock ring and an anal plug. We do like multifunctional sex toys that combine two exciting functions with style. This product is a great example. Maintained erection plus stuffed ass is the straight way to multiple orgasms.

#6 Shibari Ring

A bit of oriental luxury for your sexual bondage play. Use it as a base for suspension rope bondage set-up. The Shibari ring serves as a central spot to tether the unique configuration of knotted ropes. Get connected to the overhead ceiling anchor by chain or rope. This beautiful shibari creation is recommended for advanced bondage players who wish to add some chic to their sexual sessions.

#5 Hardware Nail & Screw Silicone Sounds

Try new penetrative sensations with the two irresistible uniquely shaped sounds. They both are designed as heavy-duty invaders but cause no pain or discomfort when you play. The first one represents a hexagonal nail, the second one – a spiral-textured screw. Great duo for gay men! When you’re done, simply clean Hardware Nail & Screw Silicone Sounds with mild soap in warm water.

#4 Sex and Mischief Shadow Paddle

When you can’t decide if you wanna play kind or evil today, take out this Sex and Mischief Shadow Paddle. One toy but two opposite functions. The half-spheres make dual impact points for ultimate effect, the second side is soft and smooth for caressing and tender spanking. The basic materials of the accessory are polyester and metal.

#3 Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger

You feel it and you like it! Sensory punishment play with Fifty Shades of Grey Sir Flogger is a perfect contribution to spicy gay foreplay. The product recommended both for advanced BDSM lovers and beginners. Give strokes of different intensity to let your partner experience all colors of your punishment. If you add a blindfold and handcuffs, your play will be unforgettable.

#2 The 9’s Make Me Melt Sensual Warm Drip Candles

The 9’s Make Me Melt Sensual Warm Drip Candles – Passion Tones Pack of Four is a must-have product for all BDSM couples. Your guests will never guess what these candles are for. Wax-play has a lot of fans among gay couples. It’s a nice attribute of BDSM fun. But if you use candles for erotic sessions the first time, keep them away from the skin at min. 36 inches to let them cool down a bit before contact. It is also recommended to drip the wax on the back of your hand first as a test.

#1 Ignite Exxxtreme Sheets

It has finally happened! Now you can get absolutely waterproof sheets that can withstand the most hardcore sexual play! You can use any types of lubricants, even oil-based ones, when you make love on these machine-washable sheets of the perfect black color. And, yes, sleeping will be the last thing coming to your mind when these king-sized Ignite Exxxtreme Sheets cover the bed!

With this arsenal of sexy fetish toys, you gonna have incredible orgasms and astonishing hot nights!