Some people refuse to understand why the hell they should insert anything in their butts? This only means they are new to anal play. Otherwise, they would know the answer and focus on choosing another butt accessory. But why? How does it feel when you use a butt plug?

Many people still do not trust the very idea of anal play. But gay guys know for sure – it can bring them to heaven. Physically good butt plugs do not cause any harmful effects – it’s pure pleasure and sexual entertainment.

In this article we decided to name five fantastic products that have already deserved to be called best-sellers. They are made for those who perfectly know how enjoyable butt play is and choose bigger toys for maximum pleasure!

#5 Mood Naughty 2 Large

Nonporous, easy to clean, fully hygienic Mood Naughty 2 Large butt plug is a perfect affordable toy for experienced players. We love its ergonomic design, curved shape to reach different sports and nerve endings. The plug is made from high-quality silicone of black color. In fact, you may try this accessory for naughty play even if this experience is new to you.

#4 Pighole-3 Large Fuckable Buttplug

Another silicone toy with skin-flex platinum that feels like real skin. This toy, Pighole-3 Large Fuckable Buttplug gives a lot of possibilities of playing. You can pump it full of anal lube, turn your hole into an open sewer or urinal, get the funnel grabbed – go experimental and adventurous, enjoy every moment of your play, every single pump! Its shape is good to fit in the butt comfortably, at the same time the plug is strong enough to keep it wide open. The accessory promptly adapts to the temperature of your skin and gets pleasantly warm. The plug will satisfy both beginners and experienced backdoor players.

#3 Booty Bling – Pink – Large

Go glamorous with the body-safe Booty Bling – Pink and add some beauty to your booty! The pink jewel amazingly sparkles and teases your partner to proceed to the most interesting part of your sexual play. The tapered tip is classic for easy insertion. The surface is very smooth and feels so good! This is the example of the product that both looks and works very well!

#2 Jet Large Plug – Carbon Metallic Black

Well, guys, this is the territory of hardcore! Beginners should step away this time. The extreme Jet Large Plug – Carbon Metallic Black looks gorgeous and feels ultimately good. The plug represents a solid piece made from the body-safe material free of latex, paraffins, phthalates and fragrances. If you feel you’re ready to proceed to another level of anal play, this toy is just for you! We also like how easy it is to clean this toy, how comfortably it slides into the hole, what a feeling of fulness it gives. This extremely satisfying plug exceeds international safety standards so you buy a really good product for your sexual collection!

#1 Anal Fantasy Elite Large Rechargeable Anal Plug

Super product from the elite collection is a premium choice for anal and prostate play. Anal Fantasy Large Rechargeable Anal Plug is fully safe for your body and intended to play hard. The plug can boast of the newest USB rechargeable technology and the ergonomic design for ultimate pleasure and comfort. You will be more than satisfied! Ten amazing functions controlled with a single button and powered with a Japanese motor never fail to bring you intense sensations. Take this accessory to a shower or a bath tub to try something new.

Make your anal play comfortable!

Now you know what butt plugs will give you the most of anal play! There are so many nerve endings in the sphincter and the anus, these plugs will help you to stimulate them and bring your butt play to the next level. Please do not forget to generously apply anal lube to a butt plug before you start. You should feel a bit cold and easily stretching. Pain is not okay! Do act hastily, take your time to open wide. If you don’t like cold toys to touch your skin, choose silicone accessories instead of metal and glass ones. Otherwise, opt for plugs that could be warmed in water or a microwave oven.