Perhaps, straight men do not have such a wonderland of anal lubes and gels as gay ones. This kingdom of liquid assets has a great variety of tastes, textures, colors and compositions. Anal sex without lubes can be irritating and painful, this is why it’s a top priority product for the queer men. You must be aware that some liquids do not work with condoms, others are quite all right with this. So, when you pick another bottle simply because you like the design and the price, you may be disappointed once you use it in practice. The lube to be used for latex condoms and the lube to be used in a shower may be two different products. Keep this in mind when you buy your ideal liquid for anal play.

If you love sexual experiments in water, opt for oil-based or silicone lubes – they will not wash away with water. For safe sex with a condom you need a bottle of silicone lube that perfectly works with latex. But do not apply it to silicone toys. Better take a bottle of water-based lube for this purpose. Oil-based lubes are good for most toys too, but keep them away from condoms.

Compared to the vagina, the ass is dry, it does not produce its natural lubricant. In the absence of lube anal sex becomes a torture. We will help you with this hunt to make your sex experience better and more comfortable than ever! Below are named TOP-5 best anal gels to save you from disappointment.

#5 Sliquid Sassy Anal Gel Glycerine & Paraben Free

This is a premium water-based product for mild and comfortable lubrication that does not contain glycerin and paraben. Sliquid Sassy Anal Gel is thick enough to provide padding for anal adventure. Long-lasting gel stays in place quite long and makes anal sex enjoyable for the two. Tissue damage is excluded because the product does not contain desensitizing agents. This is one of the favorite products of vegans. It’s absolutely non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

#4 Zero Tolerance Hybrid Anal Gel

Super thick density liquid based on water is a great product for better stimulation and wonderful anal play. Zero Tolerance Hybrid Anal Gel is 100% vegan, it does not contain numbing agents. You can use the gel with sex toys and condoms. It never gets sticky and can be easily washed off. A small portion of the gel is enough for long-lasting comfortable lubrication. Zero Tolerance Hybrid Gel is an ideal blend of staying power and the water-based formula chosen by many.

#3 Passion Extra Strength Anal Desensitizing Spray Gel

Lidocaine containing gel for promptly acting and pleasant effect. Passion Extra Strength Anal Desensitizing Gel does everything you expect for pain-free butt play free of any mess. It is easily washed off with soap and water. The quickly absorbing product is light and clean and stays exactly in the place where you spray it.

#2 Impulse Conductive Gel for E-Stim Products

The gel with a body-safe formula that does not include glycerin. Use Impulse Conductive Gel to enhance electro-stim sensations and to boost conductivity. This American product is a guarantee of amplified sensation and stimulation, you are going to get the most out of every pulse! The gel has never been tested on animals, it does not contain salt, paraben and other potentially harmful ingredients.

#1 Trojan Explore Water-Based Gel Lubricant

The formula of Trojan Explore Water-Based Gel Lubricant has it all for unmatched anal sex pleasure. It is rather thick to provide a long-lasting effect and intensify sensations. If you wish, you can apply the gel to latex condoms to enjoy safe sex.

Gel is a must-have no matter how rough your sex is

No matter the sexual experience, you certainly need a couple of bottles with sex liquids. It will save you from pain when you go hardcore with your partner, it will make masturbation more enjoyable and will help you ease anal penetration. Choose products from popular well-reputed brands for the most intimate part of your body! Discover the best of gay sex with our anal gels!