Observation of the present-day gay toys market brings to the idea that queer guys have it all! They are truly enjoying the huge diversity of amazing, strangely-looking, super-functional sex products now to brighten up their intimate life – we could hardly imagine something like this just a few years ago. They satisfy any taste and arouse interest of those gay men who used to stick to traditional and conservative sex free of any gadgets and accessories. The army of the gay who add innovations and functionality of special toys to their sex life is getting bigger with each new year. The market has become more specific, now it does not offer products made for straight men to gay couples. Quite on the contrary, now it’s a straight man who feels curious about sex gears offered to a gay user.

There can be only one problem. And it’s the problem of choice. The mind-boggling range of dildos, BDSM accessories, anal beads and prostate massagers blears the eyes. They do look good and intriguing, but will they actually work in your bedroom they way you desire? This is exactly why we are covering this matter. This publication is aimed to give you information on the products you should definitely try.

Anal beads and butt plugs available in Downtown, NY

Anal bead is an instrument for sexual exploration. People are all curious, they want to find out something new, to conquer, to step on a new territory. No matter what this territory is – a new continent or their own butts. And there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s damn good to know your body, to be aware of how to please yourself physically.

Anal beads help to obtain really cool sensations. They are not so big as dildos but so cool to play with. There are thousands of nerve endings in the anus and stimulation with anal beads is extremely pleasurable.

Icicles #67 is an accessory you’d wish to show to someone close. It’s elegant, hand-crafted, we’d even say – luxurious. In other words, it’s worth being inserted in your hole. The toy is made to play hard and to experiment with temperatures: you can either heat it up in a microwave or get it chilled in cold water or in a freezer before using for the intended purpose.

Every beginner will be thrilled to play with Anal Fantasy Collection Beginners Bead Kit. This is what you need if you have never tried anal play before. Get it started with the smallest set of beads and come to larger ones gradually expanding the anus. The shafts will bend with your body and you will easily reach the right spots for ultimate pleasure.

If you like to play with anal beads (and you surely do), you should also try an anal plug. Modern butt plugs are made from a wide range of materials, they can vibrate and have an option of remote control. For many gay couples this toy is among favorites.

The Plug 10x Silicone Vibrating Thruster has a silky-smooth surface and ten powerful settings of vibration. The waterproof accessory can be recharged and used in a shower. But better avoid using silicone lube for this product.

Wet Dreams – Triple Play has deserved the right to be called a hit. Its design makes the toy to be the ideal “tushy sex accessory”. The soft material makes insertion easy and comfortable even if you choose the biggest diameter of the triple plug.

P-spot stimulating toys

The spot hard to reach with fingers is easily hit with properly shaped P-spot sex toys. You will never be disappointed with Anal Fantasy Elite Ultimate P-spot Milker – the unique prostate pleaser with a cleverly curved tip and nine powerful vibration patterns. Its form and functions are ideal to apply pressure against the perineum.

Platinum Premium Silicone – the P-Wand is going to take your orgasmic release to a new level! It can boast of the super-ergonomic shape and highly safe non-toxic materials for all skin types. The product that looks like an alien makes miracles, true orgasmic magic. One of the best P-spot products for gay men playing solo!