Those gay men who felt shy to use sex toys or to confess they do are becoming more confident. Sales of gay sex toys are on the rise. Online shops help the market to develop being safer to browse, to choose and to buy. Products feature many innovative solutions, materials and designs. Some look unbelievably life-like and even imitate squirting. Men keen to experiments will find a great choice of cool accessories to brighten up their sexual life.

Cock rings – why do you need to try them out?

No threat, no complicated use, no high price – cock rings look great and offer some physical benefits you might have never been aware of. They belong to the category of male sex products useful for health. Cock rings help to restrict blood flow flowing out of the penis when erect. It means that you have a long-lasting and firmer erection, your penis may even grow bigger. Cock rings are also recommended to those who have some erectile dysfunction issues.

Physical sensations when cock rings are worn are also amazing. Nerves are getting super-charged, pleasure – more intensive. Cock rings help to open up the blood vessels and allow oxygen to those places that might otherwise not have enough.

Confidence comes with cock rings as well: sex becomes hotter for both partners. And that balls slapping effect – the favorite benefit for many!

The market offers now several types of cock rings: O-rings, vibrating ones, firm ones and adjustable ones. The latter is best for beginners. Vibrating rings add some thrills. Firm cock rings (some made from metal), according to many buyers, are the hottest ones.

Meat Bigger Bulge Cockring – Army is made in a cool military design. It features a blubbery shape and has a thick padded lip, being rather lightweight and compact. The same model is also available in black color.

If you doubt about the size, check out our Play Zone Kit to try many options. It will help you to find the best fitting cock ring just for you. They do not stretch too much and sit rather firm being effective as metal rings but easier to get on and off.

Fantasy C-Ringz Remote Control Double Penetrator is a perfect accessory for a couple’s play. Lovemaking has not been this thrilling before! The body-safe silicone ring is stretchy but it offers a tight squeeze. Its size is good for almost any user. Enjoy twenty amazing pulsation modes and find the favorite function together!

Another unusual product is KinkLab Stockroom 6 Gates of Pride Cockrings with those very bright pride colors. It looks festive like the rainbow itself and feels in a similar way! 6 silicone rings are connected together by a leather strap to work perfectly fine for harder erections. Use for your kinky play of a submissive.

Products for P-Spot stimulation in Queens

There are so many reasons to like anal play. Two can reach a feeling of ultimate connection, of surrender, it brings them to the feeling of a broken taboo. At the same time, anal play feels fantastic, it can bring you up to heaven. It would not be an exaggeration too say that anal play is one of the best ways to explore sexual pleasure itself.

Male sex toys for prostate play are presented at the market in a huge variety. You should try some models including vibrating ones to explore this type of stimulation and get amazed.

The ultimate choice is the Rocker model with a powerful remote-control function. It has seven vibration modes in both its base and its shaft. Additional pleasure is provided with a textured ringed base. The silicone used for this product is smooth as cream. You can play in the shower or a bath tub as the Rocker is 100% waterproof and submersible. If you make your first steps in exploration of P-spot sensations, opt for Intro to Prostate Kit. You will never fail with these powerful massagers! The kit includes non-vibrating stimulators and a vibrating massager for advanced stimulation. We don’t know a better option for diverse prostate play so far.