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Double dildo – double pleasure

Double dildo adds some kinky mood to your bedroom. They promise a lot of fun but it’s so hard to make a choice! There are literally hundreds of models, some are insanely big – you seriously doubt you are ready for such extreme. But what if…?

Dr. Skin – 18 Inch Double Dildo – Chocolate color will fuck you both at the same time. You can play with depth and intensity of movements, finding new sexual positions. The dildo itself looks very realistic, it’s ideally firm. You will both like this lifelike effect.

Even closer to reality is our fantastic King Cock 16” Thick Double Dildo that looks like a real rock-hard stud you’ve been dreaming about. Each detail of the dildo is carefully handcrafted, the experience is absolutely realistic. King Cock is made in America from latex-free, safe and hypoallergenic material.

The same collection features another piece of exclusiveness – King Cock 7” Two Cocks One Hole! Two lifelike conjugated cocks for ultimate pleasure will give you an unforgettable feeling of fulness. The accessory is flexible but firm, made from body-safe material.

If you look for something special, opt for Crystal Jellies Double Dong 18 – Inch. It looks awesome and fantastic to play with! It has a chance to deserve the most prominent place in your sex toy collection. The accessory is made from rubber containing Sil-A-Gel – anti-bacterial and anti-microbial substances to ensure additional safety. The transparent double-edged dildo has a standard thickness and beautiful veiny texture.

I want you to squirt!

It often happens that squirting dildos become the most favorite as they bring you closer to reality. The squirting function works truly like magic. Semen fueled fantasies and fun combined together. If you have never tried them before, give it a chance to impress you.

Evolved Big Shot Vibrating Dildo is always at your service to fulfill your fantasies. The accessory represents a multi-speed vibrator shooting out the fluid you like best at the moment you desire! Suction cup, ten vibration modes, powerful shaft – the dildo is easy to control and to clean when you’re done. The accessory is designed for hands-free play.

Bust It Squirting Realistic Cock w/1 oz Nut Butter is extremely satisfying with its size of 8,5” and a squirting function. It is ready to ejaculate at your command. Each detail of the cock is anatomically correct, the nut butter truly feels like real cum!

Feel even more confident about your size with Fetish Fantasy Series 7,5” Hollow Squirting Strap-on With Balls. The super-realistic dildo will satisfy you both with its cum-play function, its big size and ability to hit the hottest spots every time. The dildo easily adjusts to any size. Especially recommended for those men who have some premature ejaculation issues.

Strap on sex toys in Manhattan

Strap on toys have a huge potential, you know. They add confidence, help to avoid premature ejaculation, give new cool ways of fucking. But how to choose one? Well, you should consider some things. The model itself, the way it fits your size, how comfy it is, what features it has, how realistic its dildo is. And size, of course.

King Cock 10” Hollow Strap On Suspender System has it all! Great size, reliable strap-on system with extra support, even shoulder straps! The shaft itself is gorgeous – even more realistic than you could ever imagine! We call this sex toy for the gay the pride of our collection and buyers totally share this opinion!

We can also recommend a harness compatible model Vac-U-Lock 8-Inch Realistic Cock with the impressive size. It is also incredibly lifelike and anatomically textured – molded from a real erect cock. Spice up your nights by spending them with a big boy like this one!