New revolutionary queer-minded sex toys are flooding the LGBT market! Your interest supports gay-friendly businesses and inspires designers and sexual experts for creation of amazing products to bring you up to heaven. Brooklyn, you have so much to explore! New shapes, new materials and new functions for inimitable sensations!

Some people still have no idea what makes a sex toy “gay”. Let us explain this to you. It has nothing to do with sexual preference, but about ability of the product to make a queer man cum his ass off. Queer sex toys are made for penis, perineum and P-spot stimulation. They include dildos, masturbators, prostate massagers, cock rings and others.

More than just a sex toy

They are definitely more peculiar than toys for women. The market is simply flooded with doubtful sex products now but the range of sexual products for the gay seems to be more specialized and refined. The world of men is full of gadgets and male users tend to be more particular about quality. But how to shop as if you know what you’re doing? What products are worth your attention in first place?

Sensual play with top-quality anal beads and butt plugs

Anal beads represent a very pleasurable alternative to dildos. When you opt for queer sex toys, consider this product too, it may spice up the things in your bed. Butt beads may offer great sensations – from mild to more intense as the size of the beads normally comes from small to large. They are both good for beginners and experienced users, perfect for anal training as well. When choosing anal beads, always consider such qualities as size, beginner-friendliness, price, additional functions (some are waterproof, for example).

Satisfyer Soft Silicone Beads are made from skin-friendly silicone, they are easy to use and to clean, provided with special support rings for improved safety. If you need some beads for your first time, these ones will perfectly do.

Additional fun of vibration is offered by waterproof Vibrating Pleasure Beads. This beaded shaft with jelly-like beads will bring much pleasure to your body in a safe way.

Booty Bling – Wearable Silicone Beads can be with you all day long if you wish. Medium-sized anal beads are complimented by a sparkling jewel to add some beauty to your booty! It works fine for prolonged wear being rather comfortable even for first-timers.

If you feel ready to take your anal play to a new level, consider Anal Fantasy Elite Large Anal Glass Gaper for ultimately pleasurable prostate sensations. This product is made from exceptionally high-quality materials, it has an impressive ergonomic design to become the pride of your collection. You may use the gaper for extended wear without any discomfort. Try to warm it up or cool it down to add some uniqueness to anal play.

Technically advanced silicone Funn Plug is a desired toy for everyone, buy it for yourself or as a gift for your lover. It has as many as 20 vibration modes and the memory function. Compact enough and lightweight – it will keep your secrets.

A curious product from our collection is the 9’s Plug & Play Silicone Plug shaped as a chili pepper. Small and simple, this thing is made from the highest-grade silicone and feels like silk to the touch. The pepper offers an amazing gliding effect, it is inserted so much sensually…

Cool vibrating dildos in Brooklyn

We cannot miss this category today, because we have some new fantastic products for your consideration! Summer nights are going to be so hot! Naughty Bits Ombre Hombre Vibrating Dildo comes first on the list! It’s not only about design – which is awesome with its sparkling cosmic glitter finish – but also about ten intense modes of vibration to make you moan with pleasure, pulsation and escalation functions. The material is also great – the dildo is made from flexible hygienically superior silicone.

Cowboy – Silicone Willy’s – 6,25 Inch Vibrating Dildo in Black color is cool in its realistic design and platinum cured silicone. It offers seven powerful options of vibration and adds some fun with its textured surface. Do not forget to purchase a couple of AA batteries to get the fun started!