Sex toys for gay men have occupied their own niche on the market to become more and more diverse. Each user has his own preferences in sex regardless of the fact all men have the same anatomy. Some opt for lifelike toys and incredible BDSM instruments, others limit themselves to simple and compact masturbators they can take to a trip. Jersey City now has it all! You are all different, but we dared to compile some sex toys in one publication as we truly believe they will satisfy everyone. 

Double dildo fun

Double dildo is ideal for couples ready for some extra fun. Such toy has many advantages. The first one is evident – you can use it from both sides. Why? To enjoy the play together with your partner! Or to double the fun in the same sitting.

Double dildos often have a realistic design, they are really satisfying with a great size and extremely stimulating in their ability to reach every hot spot inside of you. Dong’s price may vary from cheap to expensive but affordable models can give a lot of fun too.

King Cock 16 Inch Thick Double Dildo feels and looks like the cock from your wet fantasies. Stop dreaming and switch to sexy playing. You can see each perfect vein and every shaft, both heads are handcrafted for an extremely realistic impression. The material is 100% safe and hypoallergenic.

Crystal Jellies Double Dong 18 Inch – Pink is a similar model but made from jelly-like rubber containing Sil-A-Gel. The American double ended dong will brighten up sex of any gay couple. The material used for the toy has an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial formula to prevent any unpleasant aftermath.

King Cock 7” Two Cocks One Hole has become extreme classics. You can hardly remember a more satisfying dildo. Two cocks do it better than one. Oh, that feeling of fullness! The dildo has a powerful suction cup in order you could fix it on any flat surface when you’re done. The harness compatible dong is 8 inches long and almost 3 inches wide which is quite enough even for hardcore players.

New cool butt plugs to be found in Jersey City

When you look for your first sex toy, you do not normally choose among butt plugs above all other options. However, anal plugs have proved to be a lot of fun! They come in different designs, shapes and sizes and have so many different functions! Which one is ideal for you?

Master Series Dark Have Metal & Silicone Anal Plug is extremely cool in its sleek design and functionality. It has a perfect comfortable size being uniquely shaped for pleasurable insertion. Six bold ribs massage your anus inside when you foreplay or simply masturbate. Clean it with soap in warm water when you are done.

Jet – Annihilator – Carbon Metallic – Black leads you right to the dark side. Filling your bottom, it makes you lose control. The toy is a guarantee of extreme pleasure even for an advanced user. More advantages are a powerful suction cup and a compatibility with a harness. This trip is going to be insane!

Strap it on!

It’s not for girls only! Strap-on for the gay is a cool novelty that makes couples trust each other even more. You can reach a new intimate connection and have so much excitement when you play with a strap-on! Opt for those with huge cocks to feel like true erotic king and be 100% confident about your size!

Fetish Fantasy Series 7.5” Hollow Squirting Strap-on With Balls has an ejaculating penis for some extra fun and lifelike sensations. Play and cum like a porn star even if you naturally have some ejaculation problems. The elastic harness will make the process comfortable and satisfying for you both.

The true hit available on the market is King Cock 10” Hollow Strap-on Suspender System – Flesh which breaks any doubt about the size. The results promise to be incredible. You can easily adjust the system to the required size and hold the cock in place with a reliable O-ring. Buyers call this product a true masterpiece of their erotic collection. And we willingly believe them when we see this carefully handcrafted realistic dong produced by the award-winning American brand.