Creepy or cool? How do you treat realistic sex toys, man? Lifelike shapes and pronounced veins? Do such things heat you up? If your answer is “yes”, keep on reading – this article is for you.

Our online store is full of gorgeous dildos that not only look like real but also provide a touch of a real thing. They mainly consist of a shaft and a head, some models also have realistic balls. Dildos that look like real cocks are extremely popular, especially those that additionally have functions of vibration and remote control. When you use a realistic dildo, you imagine a real guy being with you. Quite naturally it heats you up more than any toy that does not look like a real thing. Sometimes it’s enough to throw eye on a toy like this to “get ready”. The same could be said about lifelike super teasing masturbators.

Meanwhile, sex toy brands go even further and come up with ejaculating dildos that perfectly imitate orgasms. They combine them with straps-on to make men with a weak erectile function more confident in bed. Let’s have a closer look at the best realistic models available in the market.

Dildos like real penises only better

King Cock Plus Triple Density 10” Cock With Balls is big and truly gorgeous. It’s exactly that very classics you’ve been craving for. Soft to touch and super realistic, this dildo will do the job better than a real cock. Try to combine it with a strap-on for more fun.

The dark one – Jock 9” Dong With Balls – Midnight is for those who prefers dark skin dildos. The manufacturer promises the best ride in your life with this durable and perfectly sculpted cock. The dildo is proudly made in America from specially formulated PVC.

Feel the squirting thrill with Brown 9” Hollow Squirting Strap-on With Balls – the toy to become your new fetish fantasy. This amazing product is about confidence and ultimately satisfying sex with a realistic ejaculation. The comfy harness will fit any size, while the lifelike dong will stimulate all hottest spots inside of you. The toy is especially recommended for users with ED and ejaculation problems. As well as simply for those who wish to experience some extra squirting fun.

Silicone Willy’s 6.5 Inch Dildo With Balls – Mocha is one of our bestsellers. 6.5” penetration for you and your partner to let your fantasies come true. The material used for this toy is great platinum cured silicone – soft and durable. Willy’s going to stimulate your P-spot like a pro and become one of your favorite sex toys.

Masturbators that look and feel like real flesh

Have you ever seen any toy more breathtaking than Pdx Male Interactive Bad Boy Masturbator? It’s the unspoken king of our collection! The only disadvantage of this toy compared to other masturbators is its big size – you won’t be able to hide it easily like a small compact toy. But who actually hides a real sexy ass? We love to offer this product to the gay community because we know you will be thrilled by unforgettable sensory experience, its ability to speak dirty language through a Hi-Fi speaker, by its posable dong and truly realistic design. When you fuck Bad Boy, you fuck a real handsome guy!

Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan – Bliss is one of the most popular products in our shop as well. The popular Bliss texture feels like a heavenly good ass. The product fulfills the gay fantasy to penetrate the sexiest hole.

No play without lubrication

You perfectly know that the use of sex toys becomes more comfortable, safe and pleasant when you have a bottle of lubricant at hand. Some toys simply do not work without lubes.

Pay attention to materials of your toys when you choose new lubricants. The one based on both silicone and water is ideal for most sex toys – Passion Hybrid Water and Silicone Blind Lubricant – 8 Oz. stays slick and smooth for a long time.

Achieve the effect of natural lubrication with Naturals Sea – 8.5 Fl. Oz. made in the USA. This product enriched with natural seaweed extracts is unique and really cool. Use it or latex, rubber and plastic toys. No stains, no allergy, only pleasure!