Some people do not even suspect but they truly exist: amazing toys to give heavenly pleasure to the gay men. Moreover, they have already undergone the sexual revolution and now the market is full of incredibly cool sex accessories for solo play and gay couples, for BDSM and P-spot stimulation. They send impulses, vibrate, change temperature, they tease and fill you up like a real thing. Some even look like a real thing. It is hard to stop since you start exploring the market of the gay sex toys – so awesome they are! And now they are widely available in Chula Vista too!

Yes, sexuality is highly personal and the market is ready to respond with a wide variety of toys to satisfy any preferences. Experts also review popular products to help customers make a proper choice. Right now, we are going to cover the latest and most favorite toys that deserve your attention.

Spine-chilling anal bead exploration

Anal bead is a perfect accessory for anal stimulation. Usually anal beads represent a sex toy that consists of multiple spheres or balls. The feeling of pleasure is provided by insertion or removal of these spheres into and out of the tight anus hole. Anal beads also help to train the anus of a user to prepare him for more hardcore anal experience. You can use them alone or play with your partner. If you have already tried anal beads, share which material and models you like best.

Silicone is one of those materials often chosen by users who buy sex toys for the gay. It is easy to clean, safe and flexible. We like the new product Climax Anal Silicone Stripes Anal Beads made from medical grade silicone. You may boil it or clean it in a dishwasher after the session. Silicone is truly rather flexible but firm enough to manipulate and reach the desired sensations. Try to freeze it a bit for sexy chills or heat the accessory in a microwave for hot thrills. Do not be afraid to reuse the toy – it is absolutely nonporous (and waterproof) and does not lose its properties fast.

Silicone Valley Chardonnay Beads represent another cool finding available in Chula Vista. Just like the previous toy, it can be heated and frozen for pleasant temperature play. However, it has a more sophisticated design to diversify your sexual collection.

Fall in love with outstanding Anchor’s Away Anal Beads in Lavender Color. It’s not only beautiful but also very rewarding. The jelly beads grow from small to big in order you could intensify the pleasure and train the anus. The special grip handle makes the toy maneuverable and easy to handle.

Those who look for something brutal and really special are recommended to try Buttballs Asslock and Cocksling – Black Ice. This toy is the best bedroom friend for experienced users. Made for intense anal workout, it provides dual sensation with its built-in cocksling. Enjoy the super-soft stretchy silicone toy with an innovative asslock design for a firm melding to your flesh. You gonna like the knobby shape of the plug inside your ass – anal stimulation has never been so much fun!

Butt plugs – guaranteed source of pleasure

First-timer or not, you will find some awesomeness in the collection of butt plugs for the queer men presented in Chula Vista. Get started with a simple kit to experience the anal play step by step. Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set is surely what you need for your first time. Three unique beaded plugs with a powerful function of vibration can be used for joyful experiments in a bath. Add some lube to make the session more pleasurable.

Pretty Love Heather Thrusting Butt Plug – Fuchsia may become a perfect gift for the one you want to seduce. Twelve functions of vibration, three functions of up and down – the bright toy is perfect for intense stimulation and visual appreciation. It makes no noise, has a remote control, has a memory function to bring you back to the favorite mode. Pretty Love feels just incredible!

Vibrating dildos for a horny cowboy

And finally expand your collection with a vibrating dildo – because any queer man who plays sex toys should have a dildo!

Natural Realskin Hot Cock №3 – Flesh is a new product we choose today. It can be heated up to 45C/113F for amazing sensations. And you know what? It feels even better than real skin!