Use of lubricant is a golden rule for anal play. Its properties and quality can really change the quality of sex. But your search is complicated by the mind-blowing range of endless bottles available in the market – which one will never disappoint you?

First of all, this should be made specifically for anal sex. Luckily, modern formulas provide slippery, pleasurable, durable and safe sex leaving no stains. Some can boast of muscle relaxant property.

You need to keep in mind that the choice of proper lube is not so simple. Lubes are different: some prolong pleasure, others slip and slide and accelerate a climax. Silicone lubricants transform into liquid form, for many gay men they become the most obvious choice. Water based lubes often contain glycerin with a sweet taste, they keep your skin pleasantly moist. Oil based lubricants are mainly for hardcore sex and BDSM sessions.

Lubes with unique formulas

Tireless, smooth, maximizing pleasure – this is incredible Boy Butter H2O Based 16 Oz Tub for gay guys. You can play it slow or rock it hard – the butter will give you an everlasting, stainless effect. The creamy product is the result of the years long research. You can use it with latex toys without hesitation.

Wet Desserts Whipped Cream 3 Fl. Oz. is for those who like to taste lubes. Based on water, the product does not contain sugar. Users say it is really delicious.

Jelle Heat – 4 Fl. Oz. meets all your requirements to the perfect lube for anal sex. Decades of research and scrupulous work have given the worthy result. It is never sticky but super slippery, latex-friendly and appropriate for any sex toy. Experiment with the warming sensation and superior long-lasting effect!

Silky smooth product for enhanced intimacy – our water-based Swiss Navy Paraben and Glycerin Free 4 Fl. Oz. made for ideally slick sexual anal experience.

If you like warming effect while masturbating, consider Warming Masturbator Lube based on water. When it contacts skin, it warms up and generously enhances sexual pleasure.

Passion Premium Silicone Lubricant – 8 Oz. will save your ass even during the wildest ride. It stays slick and smooth for a long time, and then gets easily cleaned with soap and water.

Gels to make it pleasantly wet

Zero Tolerance Hybrid Anal Gel is a popular choice for BDSM lovers who play rough. No numbing agents and a fully vegan formula are those properties we like this product for. The gel can be used with toys as well as condoms. Maybe you will become another user who will call this bottle your favorite.

Can you prolong pleasure with friction-free anal gel? Of course, you can! Body Action Prolong Delay Gel for Men – 2.3 Oz. is made exceptionally for male fuckers. It makes the process long lasting, desensitized but super pleasurable. 

Some gels have a smell of real semen which is satisfying for a growing number of users. If you want to experience such product with your partner, opt for King Cock Jizzle Juice based on a special formula. The gel is also recommended to be used with King Cock Squirters. Do you already have one?

When it comes to gay sex toys, you need a product similar to Toy Love Gel For Intimate Toys – 3.3 Oz. You gonna feel the difference! This gel containing Aloe has a great thick texture and provides enhanced vibration leaving your skin velvety soft.

Adventure Anal Relaxing Serum – 1 Oz. never numbs the sphincter and protects from tearing. Once applied on the anus, it needs from three to ten minutes to show you its magnificent effect in full. By the way, the product is purely vegan!

What lubricants gay men like most

The best lube for anal sex:

  • feels natural, smells sweetly or like a natural thing;
  • does not dry out fast;
  • provides long-lasting effect;
  • leaves no stains;
  • is easy to clean up;
  • is non-sticky;
  • has no odor;
  • is dermatologically tested;
  • is free from parabens;
  • alcohol and perfume free;
  • is latex- and condom-friendly;
  • kept in a bottle that does not scream about gay sex.

Which other properties are important for you?