How can gay men deny the exploration of their sexuality now with such an abundancy of amazing sex toys? The range of revolutionary sex accessories has never seemed more inviting. It’s full of versatile materials, functions, solutions and possibilities to find out something new.

Sex toys have been clearly redefined with the focus not only on pleasure but also on the men’s health. We applaud to the new era – the era of pleasure tech. These toys are shame-free, highly stylish, gorgeously designed, innovative, super-constructed and they deserve to be yours, Orlando!

There is no doubt that the market will be further growing and bringing even more revolutionary sex toys for the gay community. So better stay tuned to see and try new products among the first.

Shame is lessening in Orlando

The fear of being categorized as a hypersexual gay man has clearly lessened. Queer men experience sexual awakening and enjoy new opportunities generously presented by the market. We do not call you to become addicted to sex toys, but know for sure they can make your sexual life much brighter.

If you missed the chance to experience the revolution of gay sex toys in your own bedroom and did not notice how simple “jerk-off” toys were changing through the years, make up for the lost time now and buy some products crafted, designed and invented by the best minds in this sphere up to date. Escape the “creepy gay guy” outdated stereotype and feel absolutely free on your own private territory.

Anal stimulation toys

Sex toys for anal stimulation are among the most popular for the gay buyers. There are many cheap but quality accessories compact enough to be always at hand. At the same time the market may also boast of revolutionary inventive toys that combine great design, super cool functions and innovative materials. Are you ready to explore sensations they can lead you to?

Silicone Wireless Pleasure Probe deserved delighted reviews of those who have already tried it. The accessory has an ergonomic design, twelve intense functions and a USB charger. It is running for 80 minutes on high speed with no need to interrupt for recharging. If you run it low, it will be working for 150 minutes! We like everything about this toy – cool blue silicone and ABS with silver plating, waterproofing quality and an alien-like design.

Have you already seen beautiful seductive Icicles made from glass? These hand-crafted toys will leave you breathless! Do not be afraid of glass, it’s absolutely safe, hypoallergenic and nonporous. You can freeze it for new cool sensations and easily clean it in warm water.

Playful couples may try Pretty Love Remote Control Beaded Plug with four functions to tease each other in public places or their own bedroom. The plug is USB rechargeable but remote control needs 1 AAA battery to work. In fact, this accessory may be used both remotely and not.

Vibrating dildos for additional fun

Just recently the market embraced the new collection of gorgeous carbon metallic dildos with Jet Twilight as its enlarged representative. It’s when you finally find yourself on the dark side. Jet Twilight is thicker and harder than other products in the collection, it looks pretty much realistic, resists to water and creates a lot of fun when charged with a couple of AA batteries.

The D – Perfect В Vibrating 7” in chocolate color also has balls and looks even more sexual. The producers made ideal proportions and covered the toy with dual density ULTRASKYN. The D guarantees an intense ride that feels like real each time you take it out.

Average Joe the Engineer Quentin Vibrating – Heating toy is always ready for a sexual trip. The pleasure will seem to last forever. Try out amazing warm self-heating sensations when it starts rubbing against your most sensitive areas. The dildo has a harness compatible base and a suction cup for your convenience. Feel free to use it with your partner or alone.