How to choose accessories for such intimate experience at the gay-oriented market? Are they worth to be trusted? Won’t they disappoint you?

It’s okay to feel unsure when it comes to experiments in sex. But when you try it for the first time, and then again, you will certainly strive for more. This time you can rely upon our handpicked recommendations. It’s not always easy to choose the top pick but we have finally managed to highlight some accessories to impress you.

Masturbators available in Riverside

Jerking off alone is a practice for everyone. But have you tried doing this together? Mutual masturbation is a great experience for any gay couple. And this where cool gay masturbators come onto the stage.

We absolutely love their realistic shapes and materials. It feels like a real thing. What would you say, for example, about Pdx Male Reach Around Stroker? It’s so hot and sexy! And be sure, it delivers incredible satisfaction! The realistic veined cock is made from super soft fanta flesh material, while the shaft provides intense textured stimulation. It’s almost as good as satisfying yourself with a real cock. The deep and textured stroker is another feature to enjoy. Do not ignore this product, seriously.

The whole lifelike sexy butt is provided by Pdx Male Interactive Bad Boy Masturbator that can make every night unforgettable. Apart from its perfectly realistic look, this product features a rechargeable Hi-Fi Speaker, an erect cock and a powerful micro bullet. You can hold the butt with your hands just the way you do it in real life.

And what if you want to do this quickly between work and lunch? This is when you need a masturbator like Big Man which is not actually big but rather compact and even transparent. It has everything you need for jerking off comfortably: ultra-ribbed ticklers, a bulbous head for super-suction and a closed tip.

When you have that special mood for masturbation, take out Mood Thrill out of your drawer and have some fun quickly. The main feature of the toy is its super cool lifelike ULTRASKYN material. The accessory has a triple-texture tunnel of pleasure with massive massage beads at the entry. You gonna have awesome sensations. Mood Thrill is easy to clean, if you wish you can make it warm in water prior to session.

Worthy BDSM accessories for the gay

Okay, what’s new on the gay sex toys market for BDSM fun?

The first thing to be mentions is a special glove, we guess. Finger – Fuck Reversible Jo & Penetration Toy is an outstanding invention for spicy sex experience! It’s soft but super-rubbery. A seemingly ordinary glove transforms into a great fucker and hole explorer. Apply the favorite lubricant to the glove and dive into the exploration of the insides of your sexy victim.

Master Series Stuffer Fisting Hand is another new product released on the market. All the five fingers bring a lot of special fun. The realistic hand represents a unique dildo with its fingers grouped together for easy insertion. The base of the toy will also allow you to retrieve the toy with ease. The hand has a powerful suction cup for your convenience.

Arm Binder has just arrived too. This leather accessory underlines the special BDSM style and traps your submissive in the way it’s shown in sexy movies. You can position your partner the way you wish, every strap can be adjusted to suit all possible sizes, wrap around biceps and forearms and ensure tight reliable restriction.

Contribute to the atmosphere with Sex and Mischief Spreader Bar with metal cuffs. Play the role of a bad policeman. Adjust the way you find it convenient. The accessory is specially made for sexual positioning while playing BDSM games.

More good news – we have stylish Bell Nipple Clips for you now. When nipples are sensitive for stimulation, include clips into your games. The provide secure grip and can be worn for long periods of time. The small thing that will make the whole BDSM session even more exciting!