Do you already have your own collection of gay toys and special rituals for sexy fun? Or maybe your interest has just been born and you still feel unsure if you need to start exploring the world of sex toys at all? You certainly do. You can’t even imagine what sensations are waiting for you on that planet…

The sex industry is getting more revolutionary and diverse, now it’s much more LGTB-positive than years before. In fact, you may find absolutely amazing gay toys – some even better than those on the bedside tables of straight couples. Luckily, guys from Oakland enjoy the wide range of products too – proudly presented at

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All reasons for your previous hesitation now melt like snow in spring. Practically all the toys presented at are absolutely body-safe, easy to clean, simple to maneuver. Their quality is unquestionable. So, what else can you stop from buying some? Why not if it makes sex hotter, harder, stronger and brighter?

You don’t use all crayons from the box if you fuck without toys

You may draw a sunset with a couple of colors just the way you did it yesterday. But how stunning will it be to depict it with a dozen of different shades? Simply admit it, sex toys can do things that your partner can’t. No matter how hard you work, your penis won’t be vibrating on its own. Human anatomy has its limits. And now it’s just a matter of your choice what to obtain from sex in your life.

Now jerk it off, Oakland!

The desire to jerk off may come quite suddenly, even when you travel from one place to another. For this purpose you should buy a compact toy that will always be at hand.

Virgin Ass Palm Pal is exactly what you need. It’s extremely tight, compact, molded from an actual person. We bet you have never fucked anything tighter! The stroker won’t occupy much space in your travel bag and will always be happy to see your cock. You can easily use with one hand and enjoy the ultraskin material of the American accessory.

Falcon Ninja Rechargeable Heating Masturbator does not look obvious. At the same time it does not look like a scary alien. The durable and splash-proof masturbator is provided with 6 speeds of vibration and even the function of heating! It does look like a real thing, but it feels this way: the accessory has a supple silicone mouth-like interior and provides the movement and the warmth of a real mouth. Just get your sword ready for the ninja!

Butt beads of supreme quality in Oakland

It truly matters what you stuff your ass with. Let it be only top-quality safe toys available in Oakland at We like exceptionally stylish products like Master Series Dark Stopper Metal & Silicone Anal Plug – it is such a cool thing for a moderate price! Seamlessly smooth, it has an optimal size for those who never have discomfort about anal play. Easily sliding, it has a great massaging effect. Get anal satisfaction with a style!

What about those toys that grow in size from small to large? They are presented in a fantastically wide range. Climax Anal Silicone Stripes Anal Beads are good for beginners. This toy can be boiled, placed on top rack of your dishwater! It is flexible enough but sturdy at the same time. It does not slip away during the process, being waterproof and body-safe. Try to heat it up in a microwave oven for amazing hot thrills!

Another cool toy to move from gentle to extreme is Wet Dreams Triple Play that comes in three sizes – 1,75”, 2,50” and 2,75”. Do not be afraid of its alien shape, the toy is made from super soft silky material for comfortable insertion. By the way, the same accessory is available now in cool rainbow style. Searching for cuteness, opt for Pom Plugs Fur Pom Pom that resembles a furry rabbit tail. If your bedroom sometimes becomes a place of sexy animalistic play, this accessory gonna steal the show. Pom Plug is absolutely body-safe and does not contain latex or phthalates.