How much does a worthy gay sex toy cost? You are going to be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable some of them are. But never compromise on quality of sex toys, because they deal with the most intimate parts of your body. Here, in Bakersfield, you have a crazy wide range of premium sex toys for gay men you can be quite cheaply. Where? At, of course!

This city is not uncomfortable with the gay sex topic anymore. It is full of love, life and colorful relationships. And those, who have already stepped into the world of sex toys exploration, can easily tell good from great. Or maybe even fantastic! Good news that this ultimate pleasure does not empty your pockets the way you expected.

BDSM toys for the gay that cost quite cheaply

What makes a good BDSM play? Bondage tape or rope, some instruments for sexy punishment, some accessories to restrict movements, leather elements for entourage. This list can be much longer, of course, it’s a matter of tastes. You can add candles or ball gags, for example, or go much more experimental with nipple clamps or a cock blocker.

These are some affordable but high-quality accessories for BDSM fun:

P-Spot stimulation toys in Bakersfield

They have different designs, shapes and sizes, made from silicone, metal, glass and other materials. Be sure, that you will find some cool affordable options at

Icicles are beautiful and inspiring. They inspire sex toys makers to create accessories that look like pure and transparent icicles. It can be a pride of any collection no matter the low cost. Icicles No 46 – Clear are absolutely elegant, hand-crafted with a focus on each minor detail, its luxurious lines gonna make you breathless. Choose glass when you feel ready to play hard! The toy is perfect for all who prefer sleek exclusive design. More advantages of the glass – cleaning simplicity and nonporous structure. It’s always like new.

Apollo Curve Prostate Probe in Blue Color has a perfect design for ultimate pleasure. This seamless prostate probe is made from body-safe, non-toxic materials, it is easy to handle and to clean.

Willing to take your orgasm to a new higher level, opt for Platinum Premium Silicone – the P-wand in Charcoal color. This P-Wand is safe for all skin types being absolutely non-allergic. Firm but flexible, it is recommended for solo play. By the way, you can wash this American toy even in a dishwasher. But, this way or another, never forget to wash it when you use it after someone else.