Some people – both gay or straight – do not use sex toys until they look like a real thing. They do not feel comfortable to get too close with an object that looks sooner like an instrument than a piece of flesh. This peculiarity is not hard to understand, we are humans, and there is nothing strange in rejecting sex accessories that do not look like real. It’s not for everyone.

This is a trick of imagination as well. When you touch a dildo that has all those veins and contours, it is easier for you to imagine you are not alone in this bed. And this desire – to use a lifelike sex accessory – makes designers to create such products that often look like museum exhibits. In Miami one can also find a lot of realistic gay toys in the online store

Life-like masturbators in Miami

They look like real indeed! Just check these dildos out! Realistic satisfying sizes, shapes and contours, color tones, veins, some of them can even squirt! For example, 7,5” Hollow Squirting Strap-on With Balls – a piece of artificial flesh provided with an ultra-realistic squirter and a comfortable elastic harness to adjust the dildo in place no matter the size.

Squirting dildos are especially recommended for:

  • Men with erectile dysfunction;
  • Those who have a premature ejaculation issue;
  • Couples who simply wish to add the squirting element to their sex for fun.

If you look for an accessory with big good balls, pay attention to Real Feel Deluxe No. 10 – 10 inch of pure pleasure. This amazing toy is everything you love about realistic gay sex accessories – velvet-soft lifelike skin, head bulging veins and free-hanging balls. The dildo is 100% body safe. It has a very strong cup base in order you could fix it on a flat surface until you wanna play again. The very look of the dildo is pretty much teasing!

Experienced users often choose an ultra-satisfying fat dildo proudly made in America. The D- Fat В – 8 Inch With Balls – Firmskyn has become a star of the collection. If you don’t want it, you probably lie. Everything is perfect about this toy – proportions, lifelike veins, textures and the extra-fat shaft and head. It’s all about the fantastic feeling of fulness just they way you desire. The dildo is free from phthalates being absolutely body-safe.

Masturbators as good as a real thing

Masturbators present another category of great realistic gay toys. Pdx Male Interactive Fuck My Cock is the first one to be mentioned here. Clients adore this newbie! You can buy it in Miami too. The toy features a built-in rechargeable Hi-Fi speaker that can speak with an irresistible voice, every thrust makes it talk. The powerful micro bullet located at the base of the masturbator gives super-stimulating vibration and ultimate pleasure. And the cock is truly realistic to imagine a real partner.

Virtual Sex Featherweight Cyberskin Cock & Ass is one of the favorite products for gay players. What else could be wished for a nice passionate solo session? This product is the best combination of technology and texture, it is incredibly real in each detail. Besides, it is light weight, this is why you can easily maneuver the dimensional cock and ass in different sex positions. The tunnel is ribbed and tight for better sensations.

Its main competitor is Pipedream Extreme Toyz Fuck My Tight Ass, the mega cool masturbator for super horny dirty nights! Grab the favorite lube and enjoy the ride! This must be the best bottom you’ve ever had. You should not worry when you shoot inside of the ass, when you slap it, it’s created for real lifelike fun. Every thrust makes your balls slap up against these ones and bring you to the brightest orgasm.

Such toys are modelled after real things in each vein and muscle. Now all the taboo fantasies may come true in the best possible way. And no guilt on the following day! Masturbators from are easily cleaned with special toy cleaners and warm water, and when they get completely dry, they look like new again.