Here, at idickted.com, we have the best well-known sex toys for the gay and cool new products you surely need to try. Your collection of stylish, bright and diverse sex accessories is destined to grow! All the products are available in the city of Anaheim at the best competitive prices. Get thrilled to get some fantastic toys for couples and solo play!

BDSM sex toys and accessories to be found in Anaheim

BDSM is a world of spicy temptation. These toys can easily make you go wild right inside your bedroom. Wanna check? Then do buy some of our teasing products for hot BDSM sessions.

Get is started with Sex and Mischief Silky Rope of uncompromising Black Color. That’s an elegant silky rope that will help to mildly restrain your lover. If you don’t feel like an expert of knots, make use of a booklet that goes with the rope.

Musk Athletic Cup Muzzle is a new product that has already won much attention from the gay community of Anaheim. Rather humiliating but still brutal and cool in its design – this cup muzzle is comfortable to wear and easily adjusts to any face. The accessory may add a torture element in your play – you may force your partner inhale any scent you wish.

Saffron Ball Gag will make him hush in a sexy elegant way. Try to understand each other with your eyes and gestures. In silence. The gag muffles every moan, and stifles every shout. Unlock the strap when you decide to stop the game.

Master Series Bolted Deluxe XL Urethral Sound Set is obviously not the most evident toy you look at when prepare for another BDSM session. However, these things can really spice up your sex. And don’t be so much afraid – they are flexible, smooth and actually incredible. You can trust the material they are made from – this is high-quality silicone, non-porous and phthalate-free. Each sound of the kit has a tapered tip and can be inserted comfortably. However, refrain from silicone lube when you take care of these toys. Better use mild soap and warm water.

Another curious newbie from the store – Claw Textured Glove of Bright Eggplant Color! Oh, if only a human hand could do such things! This glove turns your hand into a super hole-explorer! It includes a mushroom-headed dildo and a single-digit nub-covered thumb. The accessory is made to tease a partner until he gets too close to an explosion. A dominant has a total control over the process.

Anal Fantasy Elite Ass Gasm Cock Blocker has recently become a true best-seller. The toy consists of a tiny Ass-Gasm with a thin, tapered shaft. The plug reliably stays in place when the process gets hotter. Those who have already enjoyed the Ass Gasm Cock Blocker admit they had explosive pleasure!

Pleasure though vibration

Vibration is the favorite function for many users of sex toys – both gay and straight. It efficiently intensifies sensations and brings you to a brighter climax. Look for ultimate pleasure on the dark side with Jet Pitch – Carbon Metallic Black, the toy has a realistic shape and a powerful vibrating ability to compete for the status of the most desired toy in your collection.

The great feeling of fullness can be achieved with King Cock 6” Vibrating Stiffy Black – a lifelike dildo for amazing thrills. You can take it to the shower or SPA to have a nice pleasurable session on your own.

If you wish to add a temperature play to the pleasure of vibration, check out Average Joe the Plumber Ricardo Vibrating-Heating. When Ricardo ribs against the most intimate areas of your body, it pleasantly heats up and provides absolutely new sensations. You gonna like how it shivers and pulsates with six available functions the way that could never be felt with a real man.

Almost like a real piece of flesh is King Cock 8-Inch Vibrating Cock With Balls, the handcrafted dildo, beautiful and gorgeous, can send you super-powerful vibrations for a mind-blowing orgasm. The dildo is provided with a mega-strong suction cup for your convenience, being compatible with a harness for strap-on fun.