Are you ready to enter the intriguing area of cool gay sex toys, San Diego? Lovemaking will never be the same once you try a few products from the ever-growing market for gay couples who love experiments. It offers a crazy multitude of alternative forms to heterosexual penis-in-vagina sex. Now it even becomes quite questionable which market is more exciting – gay or heterosexual one.

Same-sex partners feel it better how to touch each other and what position to take for better sensations. They have the same organ and they know how to operate it for sure. But only the physical side of same-sex love can be advantageous, queer people tend to have a more progressive attitude to sex in general. They are not afraid of experiments and willingly challenge restrictions and stereotypes related to sex.

If you still do not feel confident about the choice of adult gay toys, do not ignore product reviews and the latest recommendations. In the city of San Diego, the best range of relevant sex toys for queer men can be found at idickted.com – the favorite online shop of the local gay community.

Ready for BDSM experiments

If you have this very feeling – the desire to get some BDSM experience, you know that boundaries are not for you. Make this experiment positive and bright with the coolest toys available in the market.

BDSM goes to liberty through restriction. You restrict and trap or allow your lover to do this to you for a new incomparable feeling. Try out the Straight leather Jacket for entourage and deeper involvement in the game. It makes the sub fully restrained and allows the dominant to do whatever he desires. The jacket is provided with a dual crotch for a tighter fit on a body. The arms are strapped behind the back. He will have nothing to do but obey.

In its turn, the Lust Linx Deliver Silicone Flail is a great instrument for gentle punishment. This thing will help you to create new favorite bedroom games. The flail has three vibration and seven pulsion settings which will certainly bring you to an awesome climax. Light pain is combined with long-lasting pleasure – you both gonna enjoy this multifunctional instrument.

BDSM is about ropes as well. But an ordinary rope won’t give you the desired result. Choose the special one made for bondage experiments. Lux Fetish Bondage Rope three meters long is a nice start for your creativity. It is made from soft cotton that will never rub, burn or irritate your skin. Such rope is truly a must-have for all queer couples who practice BDSM.

The hottest strap-on findings in San Diego for gay lovers

Strap-on games are always fun, you know! They open up new ways of lovemaking and also give a hot visual look. In fact, strap-ons often require some practice before you realize how magnificent they are. If you feel sure that you both have achieved that close level of communication, you will find the shortest way to complete adjustment of a strap-on dildo. Do not take it too seriously, treat it as an exciting game and everything will be smooth and very pleasant.

Vac-U-Lock 8-Inch Realistic Cock made in the USA is big enough for a cool feeling of fulness and truly realistic with its textured veins. You can use it with any compatible harness or accessory. Why do we like this much? Because it not only looks like a natural thing (molded from a real penis) but also feels the same.

Bam Realisitic cock is its decent rival. But this one is actually for more experienced users. Operate it with caution as the Cock is really extreme in its size! 13 inches of pure ecstasy! Prepare your favorite lube for smooth insertion and get ready for a wild ride! By the way, the dildo has a suction cup at its base for better stability to your thrusts.

And we simply cannot ignore another cool product – King Cock 10” Hollow Strap-on Suspender System that inevitable brings you to the thought that size truly matters! Trying to find something incredible, you finally stop right here. It’s the massive realistic dildo combined with a stay=put suspender strap harness and absolutely FREE body lotion and toy cleaner included in the set.