Now we understand why the word “gay” is synonymous with the word “happy”! Just look at the range of gay sex toys for homosexual at! This is when a straight man may turn off the road! Oh my!

If you don’t blush anymore when observe the gay sex toys market, go finally shopping with us! Your sex life will never be boring anymore.

We perfectly realize that no two homosexual men are the same. This is why it’s not like “come and buy” matter. However, the choice of your favorite toy comes through the field of exciting experiments. Isn’t it cool by itself?

If you ask yourself what makes a sex toy considered to be gay, we’ll have an answer for you. It has little to do with sexual preference, it’s more about the ability of the toy to make a gay man cum his ass off. These toys are used to stimulate P-spot, penis and perineum. And the range is unexpectedly wide.

Seattle welcomes BDSM gay toys for kinky nights

For some reason, gay couples from Seattle love BDSM play more than anything else. Why the hell not? Kinky fantasies within the walls of a bedroom will never do anything bad. And a BDSM session may turn into a crazy performance, if you both prepare well.

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about BDSM is leather. Let’s observe some cool products to give a smell of leather to your fantastic orgasm!

Straight Jacket for a sub fully restrains his moves. It’s a cool classic fetish wear to satisfy any taste. Arms of your plaything remain immovable, so you can finally do whatever you wish. The jacket also has an O-ring on the collar to attach a leash or any accessories of your choice! Time to obey!

Speaking about collars, check out the stylish Edge Soft Leather Posture Collar with nickel free metal hardware. The adjustable collar may fit any neck so do not bother about the size. And something for your cock too – Orange Is the New Black Spiked Cock Ring made from leather! The thing is adjustable and so undoubtedly sexy!

For many, BDSM experience becomes really tasty (or spicy!) with a leather harness! And we can easily understand that! What can be sexier than a leather harness on a masculine torso? Let Strict Leather Body Harness With Cock Ring join the party! Adjust to your size and get the play started. The cock ring snaps into place but you may replace it with any other ring if you prefer a different size or material.

Masturbators for a quick happy ending

What is an ideal male masturbator like? It’s soft, flexible, pleasant to touch, made from high-quality materials. They are always ready for ultimate fun. But never forget to get your favorite lubricant prepared for the play! And better buy a special sex toy cleaner to care about sex toys.

We highly recommend you to try Lx Vol Stroker as it proves to be bestselling in Seattle. Its design provides absolute gripping power and amazing sensations. You are going to like the ribbed surface in the middle of the toy and the rubbed one at the entrance. The material of the masturbator is absolutely comfortable and satisfying. The toy is lightweight, easy to clean and ready to travel with you.

Virtual Sex featherweight Cyberskin Cock & Ass is the product we call breathtaking! This is so teasing! It combines technology and texture in the best possible way and makes the experience absolutely realistic. Everything is close to natural – the size, the maneuvers and the feel. You won’t have any problem to hold the ass because it does not weigh much (being heavy enough though for the real feel). The masturbator has a touch pad controller with a separate on and off button. Besides, the set includes a bottle of special renewing substance to keep freshness and smoothness of the CyberSkin toy.

No lube, no play

No anal play or masturbation are recommended without lubricants. Do not even try to replace it with saliva or coconut oil! Do not be ridiculous and take the process seriously.

Long-lasting silicone lube Pjur Analyse Me Glide is a good example of a reliable friend for any sexual experience. And if you want it smell pleasantly like fruits, pick something like edible Wet Flavored Lubricant – Passion Fruit that leaves no bitter aftertaste.