What adult toys for homosexual men do you like most? How would most of gay couples answer this question? Can we have the obvious answer? Nope. Our expertise has proved that your tastes and preferences are so different that the range of sex toys is obliged to be as wider as possible! And, you know, it’s so cool! It’s never boring with you, guys. Please, stay diverse and individual, the way you are.

Chicago surely has its own best-sellers, but there is always space for unexpected demand. You go wild and hot, you play solo and with a partner, you dare to be kinky and try some BDSM! You are amazing!

Chicago loves BDSM!

We have a lot to offer to those who go unconventional in sex. But let’s make it clear right away: BDSM products presented in the shop are not sexual in the way you see dildos or prostate stimulators. They have another purpose – to heat you up. These things become sexualized when you respond to them sexually. They are more than tools for satisfaction, BDSM products may be already called a part of pop culture, having moved away solely from the kinky niche.

An ordinary rope can make miracles. But remember that it should be super soft and silky just like beginners friendly Steamy Shades Rope in Silver color. You wish your partner to play a role of a slave but you won’t probably want to make him seriously suffer, right? 10 meters is enough for a comfortable play and shibari practice. Besides, you can easily take it to a trip.

The best thing about BDSM is an opportunity to play a submissive or a dominant role. In fact, you cannot do this in your everyday life. But when you do have such a desire and never let it out, it can even become a reason of stress. So it’s quite cool you can do it with your partner who shares the same need.

Take Deep Throat Gag as an example. You use it to pry open the mouth of your lover for hot punishment. Looks a bit scary but in fact the gag is comfy enough and body-safe. Remove straps if you prefer minimalism.

And leather, of course! The brightest fetish of BDSM! Strict Leather Body Harness With Cock Ring allows to see your partner the way you’ve never done before. For gay men it’s truly teasing. Leather is brutal but elegant, it’s the perfect material for any BDSM session. It won’t be a problem to adjust the harness according to the size of the body. Every strap supports an extra D-ring for multiple options of pleasure.

Butt plugs and masturbators in Chicago

Butt plugs are about training, you should definitely try several models of different levels and sizes to find the best for you. Do not try to insert the entire diameter all at once. Listen to your body. Mood Naughty Medium is comfortable for most men. We have the toy available in black and playful pink colors. It’s both good for beginners and experienced players. The plug is form but quite flexible, you can wear it all day long, if you wish.

Go brighter with Avant-Pride P5-Fluid and make your sex toys collection more colorful! Pride by Avant is not simply a toy, it’s a statement! It’s stylish, beautiful and modern. Made from body-safe material, the plug is easy to insert and also to clean.

For any man, homosexual or not, masturbation is a normal thing. Who doesn’t like these minutes of express relief? Pay attention to 10-Function Adonis Vibrating Strokers – this masturbator will give lead you to climax in different ways. You can adjust pulsation, vibration and escalation of the process. The toy has a ribbed surface for a more convenient grip, it is light even with a vibrating bullet. Adonis is a popular choice for those who likes diversity, functionality, and “all in one” approach.

Take lube as a rule

And when you plan a hot session with sex toys, never forget a bottle of good high-quality lube. Flavored or not – it’s the matter of your individual preferences. Sex is always good – when it smells like sex or strawberry! Make it a bit more wet for your safety and comfort. Talking about desserts, we immediately remember sugar-free Wet Desserts Whipped Cream. Mmmm… it feels so delicious!