A huge army of gay sex toys are specially created to bring you strong bright and very satisfying orgasms. If you have never tried them before, you will probably be asking yourself why so much time was wasted! You surely like masturbation. It’s a great thing by itself. Can it really be improved for harder, stronger or more lasting orgasms? The answer is ‘yes’! Masturbation is like making a picture with a gray pencil with no colors. So do obtain a coloring box and make your sexual life way more enjoyable!

Area of stimulation

P-spot stimulation (often compared to stimulation of woman’s G-spot) is probably the guarantee of a strong orgasm. You cannot achieve the same level of stimulation with your hands only as done with help of some sex toys. They provide powerful vibration, a feeling of fullness, they give different sensations depending on size, design and texture. Some are suitable for solo play, others are better for use with a partner. The range of models is endless. That is a very exciting journey!

Prostate stimulation is not only pleasurable but also useful to man’s health. And no shorter way to orgasm has been found yet. Trust this job to Dr Joel Kaplan Versatile Prostate Stimulator with ten powerful functions of pulsation, vibration and escalation! The process is easily controlled with a push button, two batteries are included. It’s a wonderful thing for versatile P-spot stimulation.

A cool compact b-Vibe Rimming Plug finds the way to the most sensitive spots. You know what, it has rotating beads for a rimming sensation and stimulates nerve endings stronger than many other P-spot toys. Pleasure is doubled by an extra motor in the tip of the plug. The toy is perfect for a couple as it works remotely from a distance of 30 feet.

Blush Spark Ignition PRV 01 made from platinum cured silicone provides maximum P-spot stimulation and has a very cool stylish appearance. You gonna enjoy ten vibrating options easily chosen with one button only. The toy is soft to touch and absolutely safe. It may become a star of your collection.

Spice it up with BDSM sex toys!

BDSM is not for everyone. But those who take the risk find the right way to the mind-blowing experience. BDSM is about textures, breaking bonds, ultimate sensations and character. It smells like sex of beasts. And, luckily, you may find many cool accessories to enter the fantastic world of BDSM.

Play the captivity with Fetish Fantasy Extreme the Prisoner – a great toy for punishment. The thing represents a steel cock cage attached to a chastity belt. And surely it has a lock and a key to set the prisoner free when needed. The prisoner gets aroused but the cage prevents him from getting erect as a sweet punishment. Decide what he has to do to get his freedom back!

Oral punishment is also very exciting. Try out Feeder Locking Open Mouth Gag to keep his mouth open for your service. The gag provides that very diameter to accept any sort of objects… You can also easily adjust the thing to the size of the head. The teeth and the tongue are kept out of the way to prevent any resistance of the victim. The high-quality gag is made from genuine leather and sturdy steel so it will serve for a long time.

When you want to do it promptly

Prompt orgasm here and now is easily achieved with masturbators. Yes, they work better than hands. Cheap and simple is Goodhead – Helping Head with plush internal massage beads. It is quite cheap but very useful for intensifying your orgasms.

But if you look for something almost shocking, something irresistible and ultimately sexy, pick Pipedream Extreme Toyz Fuck My Tight Ass that looks absolutely natural. With no exaggeration it’s a masterpiece in the world of sex toys! The thing is made to replace a real partner and it does this job very well. You can fuck this realistic ass as deep as you wish! Grab the lube and get it started! And when you are done, simply clean it with warm water thru the anal opening and out the backside drain hole. Apply powder to the dried toy to make it soft again.

So, shortly speaking, our Gay Toys Store is a great place to find something huge enough for an incomparable feeling of satisfaction. Just let yourself admit it, you are ready for that.