You must have heard that wand massagers and vibrators feel really good. But in fact the word “good” does not convey the level of sexual pleasure they bring. It feels amazing! If you spend some time you will easily find hundreds of delighted reviews and realize that in the world of queer men anal wands rock it! Some models are very powerful and intense but do not be terrified, it’s worth trying!

First steps in anal stimulation

Just to get it started, get ordinary anal beads first. Many models are rather cheap. For example, Sassy 10 Anal Beads really cost nothing but do this magic. Like many other models the beads gradually grow in size when you insert them deeper and deeper and the pleasure increases as well. You will also like the playful purple color.

A ready kit is also a wonderful option for those who make first steps in anal stimulation. Try out Anal Fantasy Collection Beginners Bead Kit in black color. The kit includes small beads with a tip of just five inches and gradually grows to seventy-five inches for more intensive feeling. Get accustomed to the smaller size first and then apply the larger set of beads. But do not start from No. 2 beads, it’s too big for initial insertion.

Wand massagers

A wand massager is a vibrating device with a cushioned head and a flexible neck. The first one was created in Japan by Hitachi. But the purpose was far from sexy – it was used to train muscles. But soon it was noticed by sex educators that the device also has another cool function – it perfectly works in process of masturbation. Wand massagers became very popular and have been sold very well since then.

Wand massagers are normally quite loud, especially when powered by mains. So rechargeable wands are a better choice as they work quietly and weigh less being more compact.

Queer men are amazed by Icicles No. 20 Hand Blown Glass Waterproof Vibrator with Clear and Blue Swirls. The accessory is made from hypoallergenic glass, it’s absolutely body safe and very stylish. You can add a temperature play to your experience: simply hold it under warm water or heat it in a microwave or make it chill under cold water or in a freezer. It’s a very elegant and luxurious vibrator for your sexy collection with a mind-blowing effect.

If you crave for something special

Some products are created for new sensations and more fun, they have an unusual style and additional functions.

Anal Fantasy Collection Fun Flex Anal Wand is one of them. Being cheap and has a nice thing – you can use it from both ends. You can start with a single beaded end with a smooth shaft and then try another end – with a bigger beaded shaft for a more intensive feeling. It also gradually increases from 0,75 inches to 1,25 inches and perfectly adjusts to body’s contours. Be sure, it will find the right spot to bring you a lot of pleasure. The wand is easy to handle and to retrieve.

Do not also miss the amazing Red Boy – Red Ringer Anal Wand – a nice sturdy thing for a ultimate feeling of fullness. It looks gorgeous just standing alone on your night table! Being firm it is also flexible, so you won’t feel any pain. But nevertheless do not forget to apply lube to the wand.

And we surely cannot set aside Men’s Pleasure Waterproof Wand in Charcoal Color. It’s made of stiff jelly and has a proper diameter for a nice prostate stimulation. The device charged by batteries is provided with a 4-speed controller. Easy to handle, to insert and remove, it gives you real men’s pleasure. The bullet sends vibration to the tip of the wand and you enjoy this intensive feeling at its best.

Wand massagers work well in several directions. They provide pleasant and useful massage after a long and physically hard day. And you don’t even have to take off your clothes to feel better. If the wand of your choice is oil compatible, use a bit of massage oil to make it more comfortable.

And, by the way, if you don’t achieve orgasm with a wand massager, do not think it’s strange. It’s normal for some men. It just means you need to try some other sex toys and stimulators.

So, shortly speaking, our Gay Sex Toys Store is a great place to find something huge enough for an incomparable feeling of satisfaction. Just let yourself admit it, you are ready for that.