It’s the thing a particular category of men is curious about but can’t freely discuss among themselves. However if you read this, you must be ready to try these toys out. But you certainly have to consider the matters of hygiene, bodily functionality and personal preferences before making a choice. Do not be embarrassed, modern anal toys deserve a chance to bring you ultimate pleasure.

Anal toys for men are different from those used by women. Yes, they already make up their own category and have enough reviews to determine those products widely recommended by gay men themselves, sex therapists, sex coaches and educators. So let us find out what products deserve to make the TOP of the best anal toys for men.

Anal Beads

They often feature in hot adult videos and definitely play a big role in the world of sexual anal experience. Maybe it’s not the first toy you pay attention to but it’s getting more and more popular among gay men.

Anal beads are made from different materials including glass and silicone, they can be small or huge, some even vibrate for more exciting sensation. Beads are connected between themselves and usually grow in size from tiny to small, from small to big, from big to huge or even giant…

You insert them and slowly take out and this process stimulates sensitive nerve endings and erectile tissue. This is very enjoyable.

To make the play with anal beads more comfortable and painless, apply lube to both anus and anal beads. Then massage the butthole with your fingers to prepare for more intensive exposure. Do not be hasty when you insert or take out the beads, make the process slow. You need to relax. And never forget to wash the beads after the play.

For those who just start to use anal beads we could recommend Anal Fantasy Collection Beginners Bead Kit – it will be the best to explore the exciting world of anal stimulation. The beads of the kit grow from 5 inches to 75. So it won’t be shocking neither for you nor for your partner. The flexible shaft bends with contours of your body, the retrieval cords allow to handle the toy safely and easily.

Silicone Valley Chardonnay Beads are great for solo play or sexy experience with a partner. You can also try to play with temperature and freeze the beads before insertion in the butthole. It feels rather refreshing! Pair with your favorite lube!

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs made for gay men have a proper shape to stay put in a butthole, they are perfect for hands-free anal play. The pleasure consists in a feeling of fullness even in those moments when you occupy yourself with any other sexual activities – a hand job, for example. To avoid anal pain do not forget to use lubricant.

If you want to try something unusual, give a chance to Fifty Shades Darker Something Darker Glass Butt Plug. This thing made from clear greenish glass gives a very satisfying feeling, it stays firm and stimulates the most sensitive spots.

To impress your lover with a fantastic sexy private show, pick Pony Tail Anal Plug with cool silky blonde strands. The toy is easily removable, slick and stylish.

Another cool thing you don’t have to miss is Rainbow Triple Play Butt Plug that promises a great journey from gentle to extreme sensation. We can bet you lover will “cum” for more!

Prostate Stimulators

P-spot massage is the shortest way to orgasm. This kind of orgasm is usually stronger than those achieved by other types of stimulation. P-Spot massage toys are very popular among gay and even straight men nowadays. Choose the design and functionality that fit your body best.

Target both prostate and the testicles with Renegade Revise Prostate Massager made from safe waterproof material. This amazing toy even has a magnetic USB charger for your convenience. A nice thing to ignite passions in your bedroom!

When looking for a vibrating toy, pay attention to Sir Richards Elements Prostate Massager for impressive sexual performance and unforgettable intimate experience. This silicone toy can be recharged through USB as well. Being easily washable and waterproof it may become one of your favorites.