Anal sex will never be good enough without lube. So if you do it, and you surely do it, you have to think about this product and be confident and comfortable in a discussion of this matter. The main function of lube is clear – it has to diminish friction and dryness. A lubricant will make your sex life much more pleasant and delightful, what remains to do is to choose a bottle of lube that suits your needs the best.

Why silicone?

The main reason to prefer silicone over water is its long-lasting effect. If you often have long lovemaking sessions instead of chaotic masturbation, do pick silicone. It’s quite all right for anal sex as well. It does not dry out too fast and does not require to be applied again and again as water-based lube does. Silicone won’t let you down if you make love in water – in a tub or a pool or the ocean. So it’s perfect for a big variety of playful sex activities. Silicone-based lube is slick and thick and also smooth, delicate to your skin and safe. Even if you have allergies or skin reactions, silicone won’t be a problem being absolutely hypoallergenic.

However, keep in mind that silicone is not the best choice for gay toys as it finally ruins their surface. You should also avoid the contact of a silicone lube with fabric. If any strains occur on the sheets or clothing, it will be hard to get rid of them.

Another bonus of silicone – many people find to be more similar to natural juiciness, surely more than water.

From estimation to a choice of a bottle

Well, now you know what a silicone-based lube bottle might give you, so it’s high time to choose one or two.

The super slick formula and a long-standing smooth effect are promised by Tom of Finland Silicone Based Lube in a stylish metal bottle with a convenient pump. You squeeze as much substance as you need. This lube is easily washed away with soap and water and does not feel sticky. This product is worth to be in your collection for sure.

Intimate Earth Soothe Ease Relaxing Bisabolol Anal Silicone Lubricant is fully natural substance ideal for relaxing anal sex. Bisabolol is a time-proved extract to cure skin conditions and relax muscles. It helps to avoid irritation, inflammatory effects, resist microbes. So, as you understand, when it comes to anal sex, it is exactly what you need.

One of the most creative formulas is provided by ID Backslide Anal Lubricant that makes any anal experience highly delightful and pleasurable. This lube contains clove and spilanthes extracts that give you a natural muscle relaxing effect. ID Backslide can be comfortably used with condoms as well.

A pump bottle with a simple design Anal Glide Silicone Lubricant is a popular choice of gay couples too. Just a few drops of the lube will provide you with a nice moisturizing effect. It is also latex compatible and condom-friendly. Anal Glide is easily cleaned up and really gliding into sexual satisfaction.

And if you want to use your lube with a style, do buy a special Kinklab Lube Shooter – it will keep your lube where it should be – not in the sheets!