The love between people of the same sex is not a taboo anymore. You do not have to get embarrassed each time you want to feel and to love. You are free to show your sexual desires and share them with your partner. Nonetheless, the market is still focused on straight sexual relationships, and you are forced to adapt to all those sex toys made for playful ladies which is quite disappointing. But not without good news, guys. The market is getting more tolerant and diverse just like society. Idickted is a bright example of this – it’s an amazing gay fetish shop where you can find an abundance of toys specially made for gay men.

Its range of goods is no way limited to popular models common for gay buyers. It also offers so many products for fantastic experiments and new feelings! Get amazed by their shapes, sizes, colors, materials and functionality! Idickted is a perfect shop for beginners and experienced gay couples. It’s an ultimate destination for any gay man looking for something new in his sexual life.

But let us discuss now the dark side of your desires… Have you ever thought that sex often leaves you a bit hungry? As if you wish to try some extreme ways of pleasure achievement? Something close to… BDSM? Idickted does have something for you…

Bondage Toys

Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Let yourself arrest someone and get arrested – as you like. Tom of Finland Neoprene Locking Collar will catch one of you leashed and obedient. But do not worry, this thing is absolutely comfortable on a neck and easily adjustable. The classic style is complemented by a cool Tom of Finland collector print. You decide where he goes and what he does!

But still it does not sound like a punishment. If you make someone obedient, you need to use it, right? So why not keep his mouth open for crazy oral sex? All you need is this fetish thing – Feeder Locking Open Mouth Gag. You become the king of the situation! The gag fully works for your pleasure. It slightly extends into the mouth and keeps the teeth and tongue out of your way, while your partner simply cannot resist any thing you choose to feed him. The product is made from high quality materials – leather and sturdy steel, so it will serve you for long.

As for his hands, get them fixed with Tom of Finland Neoprene Wrist Cuffs. They will do the job quite comfortably for your sexual victim. The product is provided with a lock and two keys for you. And a cool Tom of Finland logo, of course. Adjust it to the required size and give your commands, sir!

Gay Bondage Harness

Bondage harness is made for you to look damn good, to show yourself as an obedient slave with a body of a god. It is both suitable for a merry gay party or a night with your partner. This way or another, you know you’re irresistible. Harness is always trendy. But which one to choose?

You won’t lose, if you choose classics – a Four Strap Leather Chest Harness from the shop Idickted. It’s a great fashion accessory for your loud appearance at a bar or a club. The thing has adjustable straps for an ideal fit, so it’s fully functional, attractive and very stylish.

If you wish to go even further and show off your wonderful masculine body at its best to the one you wanna impress, pick a Strict Leather Body Harness With a Cock Ring – it will never leave him indifferent. Perfect materials and ideal adjustment make this thing favorite. Its snap-in cock ring is a really cool bondage piece you both gonna like. Genuine leather and metal are those very materials that suit best for such a sexy harness.

So now you look stunning and feel ready for a promising night session with your friend, but do not forget about lubricants to make this experience smooth and truly pleasant. The Gay Sex Toys Store of Idickted has a nice choice of lubes and gels for your couple. Some of them imitate natural cum, some are flavored to add taste to your oral sex, some are based on water, others – on silicone. A couple of such bottles should always be in your home collection. They will save your night from any irritation and pain.