You know that very feeling about sex – when you want it BIG! Or even HUGE! You want to feed, to fill it up, to stuff, to conquer. It is truly satisfying. But nature says “nope, here is what I have for you, and don’t ask for more”. Fortunately, the market addressed by ladies and gay men offers many special accessories. And when you take it in your hands and begin using it, you slowly close your eyes and fly up right into the heaven…

A large butt plug to get it stuffed the way you like it

Why do you have to try it? Simply because it will surely enhance your orgasm better than any other vibrators or other sex toys. Once you begin to explore the butt play world, you will hardly be able to stop. But everything has to be done properly – with a special lube, of course. Remember if it hurts, you do it wrong. When you have your hole trained enough, you can use it deeper and faster and make the feeling even more intensive.

Anal plugs are made from a surprisingly wide range of materials – from silicone, PVC, metal and even glass. Some materials allow to play with temperatures – heat or freeze the thing for new sensations. And if you are striving for experiments you need to try them all because each material provides something special. PVC is the most popular choice but it does not have to be boring – for example, give a try to Wildfire Down and Dirty 5.5” Triple Header for perfect anal stimulation. This reusable accessory is made for an easy hands-free play, it is absolutely sturdy and waterproof. Lube it up and have fun!

Jet – Annihilator – Carbon Metallic Black is another cool thing. This one is for the darkest side of you. A 100% satisfying filling of your bottom that provides extreme pleasure. Huge, intense, crazy – you gonna love it! And yes, it’s HUGE. But being rather soft and flexible it does not hurt if you have a lube bottle at hand.

And a metal thing, of course! That very intriguing temperature play. Fifty Shades Darker Beyond Erotic Butt Plug for a crazy trip in a bedroom. Each nerve ending is stimulated at its best, the broad bulb provides a perfect filling and satisfaction. The plug is easy to clean up and suitable for repeated usage. And, yeah, it’s damn stylish!

Gay monster toys when you feel ready

And let us now proceed to something overwhelming. Ultimate black Fist Shape Buttplug to stretch it out and to fill you up. The toy is made from high-quality signature silicone. It is soft and smooth but hard enough to stuff it up at its best. Apply much lube to this restless fucker and enjoy the trip! By the way, it comes with a heat sealed pouch.

Luxe – Rump Rimmer Kit in black color is a choice for those who prefer to graduate to a bigger size when ready. Each piece from the kit has a diamond tapered tip and a suction cup to stick to any smooth surface. The plugs are suitable for temperature play, make use of them in duet with water-based silicone lube.

Other gay huge toys

Aside from butt plugs, Idickted has a lot of other hot accessories and toys of huge size. Dildos are the most demanded, of course. And the king of this category is undoubtedly Falcon the Grip Cock In Hand Dildo! We chant the praises of this thing. It’s very realistic and monstrous in its size. Sculpted from a real man’s hand and a real man’s dong, this dildo can be used together with a strap-on harness of your choice. The size is impressive but do not be afraid, it was tested by the producer who cared about its accessibility. You can use the dildo in a tub or a shower alone or with a lover and have titanic orgasms.

Another toy that has a good chance to become your favorite is an American product – Big Boy 12” Dong in white color. The dildo is made for intense satisfaction, it has realistic shape and veins, provided with a comfortable base to hold. And it’s extra large to give you everything and much more!

So, shortly speaking, Idickted Gay Toys Store is a great place to find something huge enough for an incomparable feeling of satisfaction. Just let yourself admit it, you are ready for that.