Vibrators are as good for gay men as they are for women: the vibrating sensation alone can bring you a bottom orgasm, but with additional functions, it becomes a favorite accessory for your thrill. Modern, stylish, safe and well-designed toys from can be used by a couple or in a solo play. In fact, all vibrating sex toys for gay men are classified into three groups: anal vibrators, remote vibrators and vibrating butt plug. So let us have a little journey into the world of these cool teasing toys making sex magic.

Gay anal vibrators

The choice of gay anal vibrators today is a right path to the best orgasm possible. What you need to care about alongside with the price is safety of material, usability, size and design. The top pick of the current year anal vibrators for men is fully available at Some models are quite simple and focused on the main function – P-spot stimulation which is actually enough for a prompt very pleasurable release. Others are more complicated and full of additional features – if you are not on a tight budget, get seduced by one of them, they won’t disappoint you.

A cool classic thing to be always with you wherever you go is a black stylish Pretty Love Remote Control Vibrating Plug – it is easily rechargeable via USB, so you can enjoy the play even away from home. You can adjust it the way you like as the plug has twelve modes of vibration. Wireless remote control allows the toy to be used in a sexy teasing game of a couple. It’s always exciting to give all the control to your partner and see what will happen. Made from high-quality silicone, the accessory is very easy for cleaning.

If you want to go more experimental, try the hit of our shop – Icicles No. 20 Hand Blown Glass Vibrator Waterproof – Clear w/Blue Swirls. Apart from the main function of prostate stimulation, this toy is also created for a cool temperature play: heat in a microwave just a little bit for a more pleasant body feeling, or chill it a freezer or under cold water for a sensational extreme-like experiment. The toy is made from hypoallergenic glass which is absolutely body safe and easy to be cleaned. The handcraft vibrator looks undoubtedly gorgeous – it can become the top star of your collection.

Gay remote vibrators

Remote vibrators are mainly made for versatile games of gay couples. It’s always full of fun, thrill and strong sensation. When you’d wish to get it slow, your partner decides to speed the things up and you have a crazy unexpected effect.

If you have never used remote control vibrators before, decide on a high-tech waterproof plug made from silicone that has already deserved many great reviews – just like Model R Smooth Rimming Plug available at It’s a revolutionary sex toy sliding in very comfortable and bringing ultimate pleasure similar to a rim job. In the absence of a partner, you can use the remote control function to secretly satisfy yourself even when people are around.

Gay vibrating butt plugs

Vibrating butt plugs for gay men are rapidly growing in popularity, their designs, colors and functionality are becoming more and more versatile. Fans of sex toys have at least one in their collection for sure. Anal plug is sensational by itself but with a vibrating function it upgrades the very meaning of sexual pleasure. Modern toys have several modes of speed and patterns of vibration, they can be wireless for a couple’s game and provided with a hard case for storage and travel.

At you can find a big collection of gay anal plugs made from silicone, glass and even metal to choose from, vibrating models are available too. You can try a budgetary cool Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug, for example, to get introduced to the fantastic experience of anal vibrating fun.