Pricey adult toys are mostly oriented at those customers who already have significant experience and seek more functions and hi-tech solutions for their satisfaction. Beginners don’t really need to pay a high price for some revolutionary sex gadgets – their introduction to the world of male sex toys is better to be gradual. Remember that low cost does not have to be associated with poor quality! Some toys or sex accessories have moderate design and simple functions but still they have to be made from good, safe and reliable materials. The matter of sex, your private intimate life, your sexual relationships, the safety of your body and health are of a top priority, so trust only the best suppliers and sex shops which care about their reputation.


Your anus does not lubricate itself so it needs to be prepared for sliding in. Lube is important and has to be in a bedroom of any gay man. Otherwise, sex will turn into torture – it may cause anal tears and bring a lot of pain.

There are basically three categories of lubes – based on water, silicone or oil. Water is not so slick and long-lasting as others two, but it’s 100% safe and well combined with toys and condoms. Silicone lube is not suitable for silicone toys but totally okay with condoms. Oil-based lube, being the slickest one, is good neither for toys nor condoms.

So now you generally know what lube can be a good choice for your purpose. At you can find a huge variety of lubes that perfectly work with condoms and sex toys. Many of them are quite affordable. A popular choice of gay men, for example, is King Cock Jizzle Juice that represents the ultimate lifelike substitute for cum play – yes, it has the smell and the feel of real semen but saves you from friction, discomfort and pain. And the price is cheap.

For delightful painless anal play, you can also choose affordable smooth as silk Moist Personal Anal Lubricant – any toy will slide in easily, no stains on bed sheets will remain.

Even cheaper is Adam & Eve Forbidden Water Based Anal Lube but despite the low price, it has high quality and a time-tested formula for wonderful sexy sensations. It won’t let you come up dry.

CHEAP MALE TOYS has a lot of cool things for nice butt stuff. Many of them have a moderate price but good quality. Loverboy – Papito – Latin is a perfect example. It is so realistic, generously curved, veiny and big – it almost takes your breath away. Besides, it has a reliable harness compatible suction cup, so you can take it wherever you go. The dildo is made from nonporous PVC, it is 100% body-safe and does not contain fragrances, paraffin, phthalates and latex.

Another worthy choice is Average Joe – Luke the Cowboy. It has a medium-thick shaft – just like most of the gay men love it and provides firm flexibility. The dildo is absolutely waterproof so you can use it for a sex play in the water.

Another cheap but very elegant and rather satisfying thing for your bedroom is Mini Vibro Tease Slender Probe – It’s simple, waterproof and suitable for travelling. Your little secret pleasure can always be with you.

Booty Call Booty Rocker is good old classics. It is conveniently shaped for easy application, its rocking base allows you to enjoy very pleasant foreplay, its handle helps you to retrieve it when you want. The accessory is made of pure silicone, it’s very compact and lightweight.

If you want your sex to be brighter, try Sassy 10 Anal Beads of cool purple color for enjoyable anal play. Let your partner do the job and control the process of beads insertion – the deeper you go, the more pleasure you get.