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Well, you already have a standard kit of sex toys for men and they actually do not disappoint, so now you are ready to go a bit further and try something … exotic. At the same time, you don’t want to play with toys that look intimidating. Even if you like BDSM. You expect to have fun, that’s what finally toys are made for! But which kinds of toys will broaden your horizons?

Anal sex toys for the best orgasm in your life

When a man has his P-spot (prostate gland) stimulated, he has deep feelings compared to those brought to a woman when she has her G-spot stimulated. P-spot massage can bring long-lasting, very powerful pleasure and many orgasms at a time. Many gay couples make do with their fingers only, but anal sex toys can give much more pleasure and become a perfect alternative.

If you crave for exotics, you are likely to have obtained some experience with anal toys by now. However, their diversity has no limits really! Each exotic and unusual toy is a new rainbow of feelings!

For example, what would you say about a King Cock 9” perfectly shaped like a natural penis but impressing with its gorgeous size? Who says that the size doesn’t matter? This toy is not just a huge tool to insert in your anus, it is much more: a carefully handcrafted thing with each minor vein and every shaft looking so realistic! The toy is absolutely body-safe and hypoallergenic, besides, it does not contain any latex. In fact, it resembles a sex masterpiece.

And here is another King option in black color of a smaller size, if you prefer to be getting a King step by step…

Wanna some love with a Latina accent? Try this awesome Loverboy Papito! Just look at this enviable generously curved tool! Created for perfect P-spot stimulation, it is very realistic and body-safe. Your partner will be impressed! With this size, you can easily reach that very spot of the highest pleasure.

In fact, you can free your hands for petting and let the job to be done by a hollow strap-on suspender system. The results promise to be incredible! You can easily fit this massive thing by adjusting the strap according to your size, the O-ring will help to hold the dong in place when you both heat up.

A bit of BDSM exotics for your bedroom

BDSM experience with sex toys should result in ultimate pleasure, not accidents. So pay special attention to the quality of the toys you buy. In all other aspects, such toys spark additional interest in kink and fetish. They are made to awake your sexuality and open new horizons in sex.

The market has lots of them. The choice of submissive men are various cock rings and enhancers, anal toys, including those made from glass, massive insertable toys, magic wands, sex machines, strap-ons, metal toys, vibrating things, male masturbators and tails. Dominant men usually pick cock rings and male masturbators.

Apart from this standard kit, there are many BDSM accessories. For instance, you can keep the mouth of your partner (or your own) open with a special open mouth gag. The thing is close to the extreme, it is made for those who want to play the role of a slave and undergo an oral invasion.

More exotic is such an open mouth head harness for a pet-like lover. The mouth is easily plugged when a dominant partner has a break. But when you see such a thing on the face of your partner, you can hardly wait too long to unplug his mouth again…

If you look for a tool for sensual but igniting punishment, check out a silicone flail that would bounce on your bare skin with its silicone ringed chains. The tool provides a mix of mild pain and long-lasting pleasure.

For fans of deep fisting, the market can offer many cool fists made from safe materials. This lifelike flexible thing will perfectly do the job for you.


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