Each time when the market applauds to innovative fancy sex toys, gay men must be rolling their eyes – heterosexual couples reap all the cream again and again. But those who dig deeper into the matter already know some sources where they can find fully satisfying sex toys.

Standard butt plugs, dildos, prostate massagers work rather well as always. But some products arouse more interest and the desire to try them out. Teasing, bright, amazing, made to bring heavenly pleasure to homosexual guys. Our Gay Online Sex Toys Store is full of them! So fasten your belts and get ready for an amazing ride!

Awesome anal toys and stimulators

We just cannot ignore the tools that stretch the cavity in the anus to gaping width and provide a strong full feeling. A cool invention for anal stimulation that instantly expands inside the sphincter – the black stylish Insta Gaper from the Anal Fantasy Collection. This is the real gay toy, dudes!

If you are looking for a piece of elegance for you sex toys collection, check out Fifty Shades Darker Something Darker Glass Plug. Get impressed with the design, firmness and beauty of this tool. Do not be terrified by the very idea of inserting a glass thing into your ass, it won’t break and hurt you. Such things are made of the least breakable glass ever created. Glass tends to change temperature very fast and you can use for a cool temperature play – just the way you apply something cold as ice and hot as candle wax to the skin of your partner. The main advantage of such toys, however, is the perfect firmness that provides rougher penetration.

Awesome masturbators

There are sex toys that can give you both intense suction and strong piston-action thrusting. They can suck your entire penis with a steady vacuum, so you get the best masturbation experience. We recommend you to try Pdx Elite Moto-Bator for a perfect solo session. Your penis gets surrounded by an amazingly stimulating vacuum that works with the most sensitive area. The tool has two speed modes for you to choose from.

Another worthy product for gay masturbation is Virtual Sex Featherweight Cyberskin Cock & Ass set. It not only looks rather impressive and very realistic but also gives an incredibly real feeling. Additional convenience is in its ultra-light weight, so you can easily hold it for a required period of time. We are not sure if you need to share this one with your jealous partner, maybe you better keep it secret…

Awesome BDSM products

If you like it kinky, rough and hardcore, welcome to the world of amazing BDSM sex toys! The individual section is devoted to mouth openers and spreaders. Apply Claw Hook Mouth Spreader to keep the mouth of a submissive partner open to do all those dirty things that turn you on. Seeing him so vulnerable and humiliated will make you crazy if you like to play the dominant role.

The classic BDSM role-playing though is hard to imagine without straps. They look gorgeous on a strong masculine body! Check out our Strict Leather Body Harness With Cock Ring for a great BDSM image. The thing is fully adjustable and provided with a snap-in cock ring for fantastic performance enhancement. Leather and metal are the best materials for a BDSM session, you know.

If one of you deserves some sensual punishment make use of the awesome red Malesation Silicone Penis Cage. Made from silicone it is not painful at all but rather humiliating. Such toys will make you find plenty of reasons to punish your lover no matter if he really deserves punishment. No other toys stimulate the imagination as widely as BDSM sex toys! They provide endless inspiration for sex experiments.