At the end of the last millennium, the cult series “Sex and the City” in fact removed the taboo from using sex toys openly, and today they have become an almost indispensable attribute of a good sex. A number of toys designed specifically for men can deliver a particularly keen pleasure to both a man himself and his partner.

Best male sex toys improve men’s health

The best male sex toys – this is not just a minute pleasure. They are really able to change a person’s life for the better, because with their help, a person knows his body better, acquires new sex skills and can become a much better lover. This is really very useful for the health maintenance, and for recovery of health, and for prolonging the ability to have sexual life to a ripe old age.

If anybody asks what kind of sex toy is the best, unfortunately it will be impossible to give an unequivocal answer to such question. Let’s face it, each man has his own temperament, his own taste, and his needs. But one thing is for sure: you can never have too many sex toys. The richer your collection, the brighter and more eventful your sex life will be.

Bestsellers for best pleasures

As for the most popular toys for men, the TOP-5 of best adult toys for men looks like this:

  • masturbators and stimulants;
  • vibrators, prostate stimulants;
  • penis extension;
  • penis rings;
  • dildo, butt plugs and beads.

Since masturbation is an indispensable part of the life of any healthy man, masturbators are certainly one of the top popular sex toys for men. They are as imperative as a toothbrush.

A good masturbator provides a range of sensations that can not be achieved if you work with your hands. The super soft silicone interior of the toy has a system of special tiny bumpinesses, delivering unforgettable pleasure. A great addition to the masturbator are all sorts of lubes.

Today, masturbators are very popular – guys buy them both for themselves and as a gift to their partner (you can play with a masturbator together). In view of the high demand for this kind of toys, the stores offer a great choice of models. Masturbators can have very various, sometimes even fantastic shapes.

Stimulators are very similar to masturbators, but they do not have a tubular structure, and are more like a palm. There are also models equipped with batteries. In this case, it is enough to place your penis (erect or not) into the opening, press a button and enjoy the process.

Vibrators and prostate stimulators are another must-have sex toys for every man who values ​​his health. In fact, these toys are a specific kind of the so-called invasive prostate massagers, which are used to treat and prevent prostatitis. But in contrast to medical devices, the sex toys have a very impressive design, can have a more intense impact and, accordingly, deliver much more pleasure.

Many modern models of luxurious anal plugs are not inferior in complexity to prostate stimulators. They can be equipped with a vibration device and other interesting details.

If you want to add a few inches to your penis (it is great fun, you know), you can do this at any time without the help of surgeons. Luxury silicone extension will make your penis as long as you wish. This will give a keen pleasure to both partners.

The extension can be so realistic that even an experienced doctor can mistake it for a living flesh. Also stores offer various kinky models.

Penis rings, like prostate stimulators, originate from medical devices for treating erection. They provide a long lasting erection without any pills.

The world of the best adult toys for men is very diverse and is constantly updated with interesting new items. Starting to collect your personal collection, you are sure to raise your sex life to an entirely new level.