Sex toys open a brand new world of pleasures for long-standing couples who seek ways to bright up their intimate life. In fact, it often turns out that all the experience you had before, was like a college lesson. So now you both feel you are ready to play. What toys are better to start with to spark further interest in the subject?

Obvious options for beginners and more

This is not the appropriate matter to ask for recommendations from friends, but you’d wish your first experience to be cool and inspiring. Of course, sex toys, even the most innovative and popular ones, will never compare to flesh and blood, but they have all chances to become the favorite attributes of your passion and settle in your bedroom at the most honorable place.

Anal toys represent the majority, even more than substitutions of penises. They are made from different materials and have different sizes, colors and shapes. Black, transparent, blue, skin-colored, red and pink. Big and small, cute and monstrous. Soft silicone ones and even those made from glass. What a tough choice for beginners!

Sex toys you need to try searching for sensations

Well, do not be afraid and pick a classic model like this one just to get it started: It does not look aggressive, right? The light and sturdy plug for anal training that can be washed and reused multiple times. If you want to go a bit further, why not skip to anal pacifiers – it’s a perfect choice for beginners who look for something unusual and experimental. Each plug of the kit is provided with a ring at the bottom to be easily removed.

Have you also heard about cute anal plug tails? They can bring a lot of fun to your bedroom! You have a wide variety of animals to choose from. Pretend to be a cat or a fox, a bunny or even a sexy piggie for your partner! This pinky one is especially lovable Pig Tail Silicone Anal Plug – a choice of playful cupid. Such plugs are usually made from silicone and faux fur. They are soft and smooth enough to guarantee comfort even if you go really wild.

But let’s go forward with sexploration, guys. Just admit the fact you cannot hide your interest in dildos. Nothing will ever replace the real thing but dildos perfectly expand the experimental buffet of a gay couple. You both gonna like it. Try the one you can wear on straps to imitate reality – King Cock 10″ Hollow Strap-on Suspender System – Flesh and let your partner feel the highest peak of pleasure. Size matters, you both know it. The result with the King cock cannot be disappointing. It looks like a real penis but it’s honestly more incredible – beautiful and thick. You usually buy a convenient kit with a suspender strap harness, a dildo itself, body lotion and a little bottle with refreshing toy cleaner.

If you are not sure about the size you both will be satisfied with, try an inflatable dildo to meet your ultimate desires. Inflatable 11-Inch Super Dong – Black – It is equipped with a hand pump that easily allows to adjust the size of the toy for a mere minute.

Minor things you should not skip

Do not ignore the opportunity to try butt beads, stimulators, masturbators and cock rings. But better have a bottle of moisturizing cream, gel or lube at hand to make the experience smooth and comfortable.

Get seduced by these cool toys, keep teasing and playing until you find a set of your own sensational accessories from all the endless variety provided by Toyland and become a couple of seasoned adventurists!