When it comes to anal sex, the philosophy is simple no matter whether you are a pro or trying it for the first time: the more lube, the better. Lube is one of the most important components for good butt play, aside from necessary prep work, not mention that the rectum and anus aren’t naturally self-lubricating and require using lubes. Here is when you’re supposed to make a right choice which doesn’t seem to be an easy task: the market is full of different formulas – hybrid, oil, silicone, water-based lubes… The list of options seems to be endless.

There’re a lot of factors influencing the choice and the main of them are:

  • Allergy
  • Use of condoms and/or sex toys
  • Your budget

Here’s the ultimate guide to finding the best safe anal lube

Let’s start with oil-based lubes. Seem to be the best option at first sight: extremely slippery, don’t dry out, stay in place… Until you use condoms which they tend to turn into Swiss cheese. That said, oil-based lubes  aren’t a safe option until you use with a partner whose STI status you are aware of and sure of him. Anyways, if the use of condoms isn’t an issue, oil-based lubes are an incredible option: they are grease-like and there’s certainly a reason why grease is used in machinery… Elbow Grease Hot Cream is a good mineral oil-based warming thick cream lubricant which you would probably like to try out. Another ultra lubricating formula is Tom of Finland Fisting Cream which contains Lidocaine and ensures extremely easy penetration.

Next, water-based lubricants. It’s arguably the best lube for gay sex since they are thick enough and latex- and sex toys-friendly. However, they are not ideal due to drying out easily: you will need to reapply them a lot. Many of them are very affordable like, let’s say, COLT Slick Personal Lube. You can also find options which will make everything taste much better like this one with cherry scent.

Best Silicone Lube For Anal Sex

Finally, silicone-based lubes. This is probably the slipperiest lube substance ever that you can find. Its undeniable advantages are higher viscosity and minimization of heat, they are also hypoallergenic. Silicone lubes don’t dry out and don’t need to be reapplied. But washing them off many be quite hard. Additionally, they aren’t compatible with silicone-based sex toys, at least theoretically: it is believed that they make harm to the toys. Wrapping the toys into condoms would probably be a way out. Many of these lubes combine silicone with organic ingredients  and antibacterial agents like Intimate Earth Soothe Anti-Bacterial Anal Lubricant . Another interesting option to try out is eco-friendly brand Intimate Earth the products of which have good skin healing and muscle relaxing properties. Intimate Earth Soothe Ease Lubricant also has anti-irritant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.