The art of flirting is complex for heterosexual individuals. It’s even more complicated for gay guys. It’s especially tough for men, who think that they can live without it. If you think that flirting was designed to lure women into bed, think again. It’s an integral part of any gay relationship.

If you don’t learn the art of flirting, you are bound to have a tough time finding a serious relationship. Slapping someone’s butt at a club is not flirting, it’s coming on. In the best case, you’ll get a sex partner for one night. In the worst, you may get punched in return.bLet’s talk about some important stuff to know about gay men flirting.


  1. Use Eye Contact

This flirtation method is thousands of years old. Make sure you take full advantage of it. A simple look in the person’s direction, catching his gaze, and holding it can do wonders for your potential relationship. Keep practicing the gazing eye contact when you start a conversation with the object of your affection. The more you look into his eyes, the more intimate you can get without actually touching him.

  1. Turn You Smartphone Off

When you start talking to a man you like, turn your phone off. This gesture signifies utter politeness and your wish to get to know the person better without any distractions. These days, such a move can score you truly high points without any effort. Meanwhile, watch what the other guy does with his phone. If he’s stuck in it, flirting is unlikely to bring results.

  1. Start Talking

Eye contact is nice to show your affection. But a logical next step should follow. If you decide to keep eyeing the guy at a bar or in the coffee shop, you may end up losing him. After all, maybe he never comes to the same bar twice. A quick conversation is a wonderful way to start a relationship. It can also help you understand if the guy is gay or he caught your gaze accidentally.

  1. Make Compliments

Compliments can score you high points. If you aren’t too good at them, we suggest you Google some today. Compliments can get you a long way at the start of a relationship. They can also help learn new things about a person from the way he reacts to them.

  1. Give Him A Way Out

If you want to figure out whether you are wasting your time, allow the guy a way out of a conversation. Say you need to go to the restroom or re-park your car. If you come back and he’s still there, the game is on!