The sex is hot. Your family likes him. He agreed to move in together. Everything seems perfect. But something isn’t. Making a mistake in a relationship is unavoidable. Failing to learn from it can lead to a hurtful breakup.

If you feel as if something is going wrong, check if you’ve made one of these mistakes recently.

  1. Comparing

Do you compare yourself to your partner? Does he earn more money than you do? Or perhaps he spends more time in the gym? Maybe your boyfriend is much better at guessing answers when you are watching Jeopardy?

As soon as you start comparing, you are in trouble. Each one of you is an individual, who does something better than the other. Couples don’t compare, they complement each other.

  1. Failing To Stand Up For Him

If his family is homophobic, your boyfriend may be in trouble. A man, whose family can’t deal with who he is, is bound to feel self-conscious in a relationship, and eventually end it. It’s up to you to stand up for your partner because he is unlikely to ever do it.

Such a step may seem hard, but it could improve his relationship with his family and even help them on the road to acceptance.

  1. Feeling Jealous

Jealousy has ruined numerous relationships, regardless of the partners being gay or straight. When you can’t ignore other guys checking your boyfriend out, it’s bound to make you frustrated and unhappy. As a result, your relationship could suffer.

Change your perception. Each time a man looks at your partner, consider it a compliment to your persona.

  1. Avoiding Experiments

Experiments in bed can spice up any relationship. Men are often afraid to offer something new to their partners. Meanwhile, the old and boring sex can become the reason your boyfriend may seek someone else.

Start with buying sex toys to diversify your evenings. You’ll be amazed at how your relationship will change for the better.

  1. Not Telling The Truth

How often do you lie to your partner about what you really want? Don’t say you don’t want a serious relationship when you really do. You may end up without one. Don’t tell him you are ok about being open when you are not.

Be clear about your needs and desires. Otherwise, the relationship may take a wrong turn.

Gay relationships are often more complicated than they should be. Try to be more open about yourself and ask the same from your partner.