According to a study made by Sleep Health, the journal of the National Sleep Foundation, gay and bisexual men have more trouble with sleep than straight men do. They report problems with falling asleep, feeling rested after a long sleep, and taking sleep meds.

While the reasons for these disturbing findings are still being debated, we would like to share a few excellent ways to help improve your sleep starting today.

  1. Don’t Eat Two Hours Before Going To Sleep

While eating before bed is terrible for your fight with extra pounds, it takes an extra toll on your stomach. When your body is busy digesting food (which most likely is an unhealthy snack), it may interfere with your desire to get a good night’s sleep.

Of course, you may fall asleep faster after a bowl of popcorn, but you are likely to wake up in a couple of hours feeling terrible. People, who eat before going to sleep often don’t feel rested in the morning.

  1. Don’t Sleep In Late

Here is an easy one. If you wake up late, you won’t be able to fall asleep early. So if you need to wake up early the morning after, make sure you stick to the schedule the morning before as well.

In fact, waking up and going to sleep at about the same time every day is an excellent way to make your body get the most out of the night.

  1. Have Sex

Did you know that sex is an excellent way to relax your body and make it ready to get some full-scale rest? So make it a habit to enjoy a fulfilling evening with your partner. Regular orgasms can help your body feel tired and happy enough to get a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Hide Your Smartphone

Browsing the internet, playing games or chatting right before going to sleep is a disaster for your brain. Such activity keeps the brain busy and excited, interfering with its desire to fall asleep.

Consider forgetting about your gadgets for at least an hour before going to sleep. You can use this hour for something more exciting (see point 3).

  1. Exercise

Just like sex, exercises help your body get ready for a good night’s sleep. When the muscles are exhausted, the brain readily allows them to rest. In order to improve the effect, you can take a hot shower before going to sleep.

The above tips won’t just help you fall asleep faster, they will help you improve your lifestyle. Don’t accept insomnia. Fighting it is often easier than you think.