Did you know that the oldest dildo in the world dates back 28,000 years? Sex toys have been around for a long while. What we buy in the 21st-century sex shops has nothing to do with what our ancestors have been enjoying back in the day. Thousands of years ago, people were having fun with stone dildos of different shapes and sizes. They were cold, not always smooth, and far from being flexible or sterile. Thankfully, the industry has made huge steps forward, ensuring the safety of a user while boosting his pleasure. Let’s take a look at a few interesting facts in sex toy history.

  1. The Penis Ring

The penis ring was created in China back in 1200 A.D. It was mostly used by the nobility with the goal of producing an heir. If you failed to perform in an excellent manner, all your perks would go to some other guy. That’s why smart Chinese men invented the penis ring. The first penis rings were made of a goat’s eyelid. The long goat eyelashes were considered a wonderful addition that improved the sensation. The goats must be happy that we use other materials for cock rings today.

  1. The Ancient Lube

The matter of lubrication has always been important. Ancient Greeks, who enjoyed same-sex relationships, needed something to replace natural lubrication. That’s why back in 350 B.C. they used the most accessible sex lubricant in the area. Did you already make an educated guess? The olive oil, of course. By the way, they made dildos out of bread too.

  1. The Vibrator

The first vibrator, similar to what we use today, was invented by an American physician in 1869. It was a pretty big steam-powered machine, which wasn’t gaining too much popularity because of its size and cost. Thankfully, about 13 years later, the first electromechanical vibrators appeared. Some sources say that they were used to treat female hysteria. In fact, doctors tried very hard to find some medical application for this popular toy. They treated mental illness and impotence but eventually gave up and allowed the vibrator to be what it is today. A pleasure toy. People have been trying to enhance their sexual experience for thousands of years. Not much has changed in their needs and preferences. However, the new technologies have virtually eliminated traumas and the risks of infection related to sex toys when used as intended.