Have you been alone for a while? Many guys have a problem meeting someone even if they visit gay bars and parties on a regular basis. The majority of us have a day job, which stresses the heck out of us. At the end of the day, we just want to stretch out on the couch and relax instead of going out to a club to meet someone. Thankfully, these days, gay dating sites are common. They give us a chance to find a partner without leaving the comfort of our homes. We’ve all heard sad stories about dating sites. In order not to become a protagonist of a new one, let’s go over a few simple tricks.

  1. Upload A Normal Picture

If you want to attract someone special, you must show your face. Profiles with pictures get many more hits than those without them. After all, what do you think when you see a non-picture profile? The guy must be too ugly to show himself, right? When you post a picture, make sure the face is there too. Pics of bodies look strange. The first thing someone thinks about such a photo is that it’s fake. The next thought that comes to mind is that the guy has a boyfriend and doesn’t want to be seen online. Would you approach someone at a party if you couldn’t see his face?

  1. Give More Details

The more you talk about yourself in the profile, the more chances you have for an excellent match. Don’t post generalized statements like “Life is like a box of chocolates, and I’m the sweetest”. This phrase may sound cool to you, but it says nothing about what you want in a partner or what you really have to offer. Provide details. Being straightforward about your wishes is ok. Phrases like “I like masculine men” can bring your profile more hits than “I feel like an alien in this word.”

  1. Create A Worthy Username

Usernames should tell the potential partner a little about you. If you come up with something like buttbanger17, you are unlikely to attract anyone, who wants something other than a bedroom adventure. Keep your last name and birthdate out of the username for security reasons. Create something neutral like hikerguy or winterrain.

  1. Do Some Browsing

You won’t get any merit from a dating site if you don’t use it. Don’t expect men to fall into your arms just because you did a great job filling out your profile. Browse other profiles and start conversations. When it comes to dating sites, shyness won’t get you far.