Your sexual relationship is doing more or less ok when your partner suddenly starts talking about sex toys. Sounds crazy? In fact, introducing sex toys to the relationship doesn’t depend on how fiery your sex is. It adds diversity and opens new horizons while fortifying the trust you have in each other. Just because your partner is offering toys, it doesn’t mean he thinks “you are not good enough”. Most likely, he wants to try something new. At that point, don’t make a mistake of laughing or turning away or frowning. You could ruin your relationship by killing the trust your partner has in you. Believe us; it takes some courage to offer something like that to a loved one. On the other hand, if you are the one, who wants to introduce sex toys, you need to get ready for “popping the question” by doing some research. We collected a set of facts, which can help gay men introduce sex toys to their relationships. Read on!

  1. Sex Toys Improve the Quality of Sex Life For The Majority of Gay Men

When the new relationship becomes stable, the sex life may not be as exciting as it used to be anymore. Some men solve this problem by finding new partners. Others take a more manly approach to the situation and try to look for a less dramatic ways out.  The simplest one is to buy sex toys. Men, who have been in a relationship for a while, report amazing improvement in their sex life compared to what they had before buying sex toys. Thanks to the variety of such toys available on the market today, you can come up with a new sex game every day for a year. Admit it, gay sex may seem more diversified than sex between a man and a woman. But it can get boring anyway. Why suffer if you can solve the problem with a few clicks?

  1. About 50% Of Couples Use Sex Toys To Improve Their Sex Life

If a sex toy brings about some strange feelings, such as shame and intimidation, think about this. Almost half of the population of the planet has tried using sex toys. The majority of them keeps using them on a regular basis. There isn’t anything shameful or weird about using a sex toy. Did you know that sex toys have been around since the Stone Age? People have been using them for thousands of years and having fun in the process. Why shouldn’t you?

  1. Using A Vibrator Can Improve Your Health

Sounds crazy? A whole study was conductedto confirm this! The study has found that men, who use vibrators on a regular basis (with or without a partner), have a better erectile function, experience more intense orgasms, and report better sexual satisfaction.  The study also talked about gay and bisexual men. It found that gay men use vibrators and other sex toys more often than heterosexual men do. Meaning, gay men have a chance at an improved sexual health. Sex toys are healthy! Why are you still waiting? By the way, anal masturbators can give you a prostate massage, which allows you to avoid many unpleasant conditions, including prostatitis*. You can’t get the same results by simply having anal sex.

  1. Sex Toys Can Improve Communication In The Relationship

Communication in bed is one of the toughest things to achieve. You may think you know your partner’s preferences but in reality, he may be hoping to get something else. Once you trust each other enough to try sex toys, your communications will improve immediately. Using sex toys for the first time requires plenty of talking. Gay couples report that after sex toys came into their lives, the overall communication in their relationship improved dramatically. They learned how to talk to each other even about the most delicate things. Couples have become more open than they ever were.

  1. Sex Toys Help Gay Men Open Up In Bed

Do you know how to give directions to your partner in bed? Do you feel uneasy saying what you like? Ask a sex toy for help! When you are using sex toys to pleasure yourself, you allow your partner to learn your preferences without talking. If verbal communication is not your forte, leave it to the toy to improve it. Only about 20% of couples say they never have trouble directing their partners in bed. So if you are one of the other 80%, it doesn’t mean you are strange. You just need a little help. Obviously, such openness can substantially improve the level of satisfaction in the bedroom.

  1. Many Couples Mistakenly Believe That The Position Is What Makes Sex Great

If you are bored with some positions, do you try new ones? The number of positions for gay men is somewhat limited especially if you aren’t a gymnast. Trying different positions may spice up your sex life for some time, but how many of them are there really? Sex toy do the same job in an exciting manner. The variety of sex toys allows you to bring spice to the bedroom on a regular basis. All you have to do is bring a new one home, and your evening is bound to be stellar.

  1. Extended Foreplay Can Make Sex More Exciting

Many gay men believe that foreplay is just as important as sex itself. Some of them report that bringing more foreplay to the bedroom can help them enjoy sex longer. Sex toys are excellent for all types of foreplay. When it comes to BDSM games, they are priceless. Simple oral or anal sex is awesome, but it’s bound to get boring rather fast. If you are one of those guys, who thinks that sex should be left in its “original” form, you can use the toys for foreplay only. No matter how you use them, they’ll do the job of intensifying your sexual experience.

  1. Couples That Use Sex Toys Are More Satisfied With Their Relationships

Maintaining passion in the long-term relationship is complicated. A study conducted in 2016looked at ways to keep the passion alive. It showed that people, who used sex toys, are more satisfied with their relationships than people, who didn’t.  Most likely, the satisfaction stems from the openness and communication, which appears when the sex toys make their way into your home. But who really cares why? It’s the result that matters.

  1. Sex Toys Are Easily Accessible From an Online Store

Nowadays you don’t have to go to a brick-and-mortar store to get a sex toy. You can spend as much time as you want browsing these toys online. You can even ask questions about the toys and their applications.  This means you never have to feel embarrassed in front of a sales clerk ever again. You can buy a new toy with the least effort. You can ask your partner to join you while browsing the online collections. It can help you with your communication improvement efforts.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the fire burning is tough. Why not make it easier by trying something different? The only thing keeping you from enjoying sex toys is your fear that it won’t be fun. A million people can’t be wrong, can they?