Are you planning to go on vacation? Did you already choose a destination? Gay couples may have to do a little extra planning before taking their next trip since not all the destinations in the world are LGBT-friendly.  Thankfully, the majority of beautiful countries are always ready to welcome any tourists regardless of their sexual preferences. It’s always nice to learn a few interesting pointers from experienced gay travelers. We collected several opinions from different couples, who have recently traveled to popular holiday destinations all over the world. Even though the summer is almost over, there are many excellent places to go without worrying about the weather.

What Gay Couples Should Consider When Traveling

LGBT travel may be an awkward topic for many people. However, the number of gay travelers is overwhelming. We travel with our families, parents, and children. We search for historic places, destinations with excellent nightlife, luxury cruises, camping sites, and much more. Just like any other traveler, we travel for personal reasons. Each gay person is unique and this uniqueness dictates the approach to travel. Some people just love to travel. Period.  Sometimes gay people choose the travel destination because they just want to go there. In many cases, being gay affects how they make their choices. For example, many gay travelers want to visit Amsterdam for its renowned tolerance. Others choose Berlin for its reputation as the gay hot spot.

All that is well and good. But what should gay couples keep in mind?

Unfortunately, there are many places on our planet where being gay just isn’t safe. Going around hugging and kissing your partner may possibly be considered offensive to the crowd. It’s vital for the gay couple to understand where it’s appropriate to display their sexuality and when it can be truly dangerous.  If you travel to such countries as Egypt, India, and Thailand, people may not understand you being gay. So it’s better not to display your feelings in public. Before going on a trip, it’s vital to learn the customs of the country you are going to. While there might be many tolerant people around, you never know which ones you are about to meet.

Here are a few things you should learn before traveling:

  • What do the country’s laws say about displaying your sexuality (it can be forbidden for both gay and straight people)
  • Do you need to hide your sexuality? What problems can you run into by being open about your sexuality?
  • Which organizations can ensure your safety? Will the police help you in case you act openly gay?
  • How can you find an LGBT community there, if needed?
  • What are the popular LGBT places to visit?

If you want to find out if engaging in consensual sexual activity with the person of the same sex is legal in the country you are traveling to, check out However, you have to remember that the law doesn’t always reflect what the locals are feeling. So it’s always better to do some research before traveling.  Meeting new people in new countries is always enjoyable. However, it would be smart not to reveal your sexuality before getting to know them a little closer. The best way to find out how the locals view LGBT is to find local gay organizations and simply ask. Experimenting isn’t always welcome.  Let’s take a look at some destinations you don’t have to worry about researching since we did it for you.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, you should go tomorrow. The overly tolerant city filled with bicycles, weed, awesome nightclubs and almost a million of friendly people. The narrow streets, canals, and weirdly shaped houses are bound to conquer your heart. There are numerous gay bars in Amsterdam. All of the fun places are listed on their local website.Just make sure to dress warmly. The weather in the Netherlands is a bit whimsy.

  1. Berlin, Germany

As we said, Berlin is one of the best gay hotspots in the world. If you’ve never been to Germany, Berlin is definitely a place to start. Besides all the interesting historic places you can visit, the gay scene is fantastic.  The special spirit of a year-round party is in the air.  While the streets may seem a little dirty and crowded during the night, you can always find an excellent gay barto have a drink at. In the morning, you can visit royal parks, museums, and palaces while taking full advantage of the fulfilling German food.

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel

Middle Eastern countries are rarely tolerant to gay people. Tel Aviv is a wonderful exception. All gay travelers feel absolutely safe and welcome in Israel. You can visit numerous interesting cities from Haifa to Jerusalem, but Tel Aviv is definitely the best. The beautiful artsy neighborhoods coupled with tasty cuisine and impressive nightlife is what you need to truly relax after a tough year at work.  Some people estimate that the number of LGBTQ people in Tel Aviv exceeds 25%! If you need to browse for interesting information about this city gay-wise, you can visit their gay center website.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Did you know that Argentina is the first country in Latin America to legalize gay marriage? Even though it happened not too long ago (in 2010), it includes all adoption rights. They allow gender changes too. So if you want to visit Latin America, start with Buenos Aires.  In Buenos Aires, you can try one of the best steaks in the world, take a boat tour down Tigre, dance Tango with your partner, wander around the beautiful streets, and much more. If you need more information about Buenos Aires gay community and interesting places to visit, take advantage of the local gay guide.

  1. Mexico City, Mexico

The best part about Mexico is that it’s fairly close. The next best part is their impressive tolerance to anyone, regardless of sexuality. The country recently legalized same-sex marriages, making it an excellent place for lgbtq people to live and travel to.  However, it’s important to note that public displays of affection are not welcome, no matter whether you are gay or straight. Beautiful parks, buildings, and streets are mixed with amazingly tasty food and impressive nightlife makes Mexico City one of the best places to visit. Find out more about the gay community on their website.

When planning your holiday, we would recommend being careful when it comes to the following countries:

  • Uganda
  • Nigeria
  • Lithuania
  • Russia
  • Jamaica
  • Egypt

While you shouldn’t avoid these countries, you must remember that some people may act homophobic so any public display of your sexuality can lead to trouble.  Think about the goal of your trip. If you are traveling alone and looking for a romantic encounter or planning a honeymoon with your loved one, these countries are out of the question. But if you are thinking of a gateway with friends, why not? The above countries have a lot to offer to smart gay tourists.

Final Thoughts

The world has many interesting destinations for lgbtq travelers. In fact, we have an easier time planning our trips thanks to closely-knit communities available in virtually every large city. You can always get useful advice instead of browsing numerous websites and trying to figure out which one has suitable information.