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Sex toys are fun, exciting, and irreplaceable. Some of them can give you more pleasure than a partner ever can. That’s why people, who discover sex toys, rarely stop using them. The majority of men go on to testing new tools and conquering new horizons. However, not all sex toys are created equal. Some of them are far from being safe. What may start as a promising sex session can end in a disaster unless you take a responsible and careful approach to choosing and using sex toys.

Let’s Start With A Little History

Thousands of years ago, people didn’t worry themselves with sex toy safety. For example, Greeks used bread for anal pleasure. Did you ever think of a French baguette this way? Can you guess what they used for lubrication? Olive oil, of course! While this sounds yummy and exciting, don’t try this at home. Bread has a tendency to become soggy thus leaving crumbs inside the body. As a result, these sexual games can lead to inflammation and numerous unfortunate consequences. We bet many Greeks regretted their decision, especially considering that their medicine wasn’t as advanced as ours is today. However, the best part about these dildos was that they were created for one-time use only.

More than 30,000 years ago, people manufactured stone dildos. Even before they learned how to make baguettes, men and women pleasured themselves and each other in every way possible. These dildos may have been hard as stone but their safety was questionable. Cold stone is not something fussy contemporary men would prefer to have inside them. While cleaning stone dildos may have been easy, the stone age people doubtfully knew too much about sex toy hygiene. Meanwhile, stone-hard toys were rarely smooth due to the lack of proper instruments, thus hurting the delicate lining and leading to infections.  Unlike ancient men, in the 21stcentury, we have sex toys made of numerous materials. We also have all sterilization and manufacturing techniques at hand. However, people still fail to be careful about their toys thus experiencing unfortunate symptoms.

Choosing The Right Materials

You already know that bread and harsh stone aren’t a good idea for your bedroom games. But what about other common materials?

People use all types of devices to masturbate. We are not going to talk about how wrong it is to use something not created specifically for sexual games. We hope you know about the dangers of such experiments. Let’s talk about the toys you may find in a store. Not all of them are as safe as you may think. These days, sex toy materials vary greatly. However, only a few of them are truly safe. They are silicone, ABS plastic, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass. Elastomer (TPE) is also considered a safe material due to the lack of chemical content. At the same time, its porous nature doesn’t allow proper sterilization.

  1. Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone sex toys are a great choice. You’ll find a variety of them online or in your nearest sex shop. The popularity of this material stems from the variety of textures. It’s also easy to clean, doesn’t promote bacterial growth, and adopts the temperature of the environment, including your body. Always look at the label to see what the material is. Material that sounds like silicone (such as silic, sil-a-gel, or syilicone) can contain some silicone as well as dangerous components. Silicone is far from being cheap, making manufacturers look for ways to lower the cost of the toys.  It’s important to note that silicone toys shouldn’t be used with silicone lubes. The latter can damage the toy.

  1. Borosilicate Glass Sex Toys

Borosilicate glass or Pyrex sex toys are a wonderful choice for people, who like stone-hard toys with a great design. Borosilicate glass is tempered glass, which is used for many purposes besides sex toys, such as lab beakers and kitchenware. The glass is very durable. It can handle high and low temperatures. You can diversify your sexual pleasures by heating or freezing these toys, with due care, of course.

  1. Stainless Steel Toys

Tough stainless steel toys are easy to clean. They are durable and heavy. The extra weight can make some people experience heightened sensations. Metal conducts temperature well, so like glass, it can be heated or frozen. Stainless steel toys are excellent for prostate massage. They also look clean, attractive and shiny, which is often important to men.

  1. ABS Plastic (Elastomed)

This serializable plastic is a great choice for sex toy users with a low budget. The plastic is smooth and heavy, making it an awesome option for people, who prefer stainless steel toys but don’t want to spend too much money on them.

Dangerous Sex Toy Materials

When reading the label, (you do read the label, we hope?), avoid the following materials and components:

  • PVS, vinyl, and jelly – contain phthalates
  • Rubber – produces unpleasant odors and causes allergic reactions
  • TPR – porous synthetic rubber, which is hard to clean properly
  • Latex – lacks chemical stability
  • Anything besides stainless steel, ABS plastic, silicone, and borosilicate glass

Taking The Right Approach To Cleaning Sex Toys

The majority of the people are divided into two teams. One thinks that sex toys can be rinsed with warm water, at best. Others think that each sex toy needs to be dropped in boiling water and washed with harsh chemicals to get all the bad stuff out. Only a few responsible sex toy users understand that cleaning sex toys is easy. Being irresponsible about cleaning the toy is an obvious problem. Going crazy about sterilizing it can substantially reduce your toy’s sex life and your free time.

  1. Soap And Water

The majority of sex toys, especially if you are using them on your own or with a partner you trust, can be cleaned by using regular soap and mild water. The whole process takes under a minute. Wipe the toy with a clean towel or allow it to air-dry.

  1. Sex Toy Cleaning Products

Many sex shops offer special cleaning sprays and wipes to clean your sex toys. They are not terribly expensive and can save you whenever you don’t have immediate access to soap and water.

  1. Boiling Water

If you want to make sure all the bad stuff is gone (this is especially important for people with several partners), you can submerge the toy in boiling water and keep it there for several minutes. However, such an approach is only suitable for toys made of borosilicate glass, stone, stainless steel, and silicone. And only if the toys aren’t motorized.

  1. Sanitized Cases And Bags

Toy storage matters a lot. If you wash the toy the night before and leave it on your nightstand, you must wash it again before using. Bacteria, dust, and dirt may settle on it overnight. In order to avoid frequent washing, you can invest in sanitized cases and bags. Put your toy inside after washing and it becomes ready for use any time you need it.


While sex toys are fun and exciting, taking a responsible approach to buying and maintaining them is vital to your health. Even the toughest and most expensive toys can bring you many unpleasant moments in case you fail to take special care of them.


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