“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

When it comes to having anal sex, not many men are thinking about the benefits of such an act. While all you are dreaming about is hitting the p-spot and experiencing unearthly pleasures, your body may be saying “thank you” for the long-awaited prostate massage. For many centuries, men have been using prostate massage to deal with numerous problems. Today, you could even go to a doctor to get it done. While you may feel excited about having a good old doc massage your prostate, it’s much more fun to do it with your partner at home. If you don’t have anyone to ask, you could do this simple message with a dildo or another type of p-spot stimulator. In any case, the message can do you a lot of good. Let’s start by educating ourselves about the prostate. It’s unfair to view it simply as a way to achieve an orgasm.

What Is A Prostate Anyway?

A prostate is a gland, which has a walnut shape, located in your pelvis. It’s easy to feel it with your fingers between the penis and bladder. While it’s a way to enjoy an orgasm in a new way,  the gland also produces some of the fluid, which goes into your seminal fluid. For those of you, who haven’t been doing much experimenting, we recommend feeling the p-spot with your finger. It feels like a walnut-sized bump on the front wall of the anus. Simply putting pressure on the prostate gland gets you excited. For some men outside stimulation of the gland can lead to an orgasm. For others, more work is required. Thankfully, while a penis may not always hit the p-spot correctly, there are special sex toys designed to stimulate and massage the prostate.

Why Do You Need To Massage The Prostate?

To have fun, of course! The other reason why you may want to massage the prostate on a regular basis is to keep it healthy. Prostate glands sometimes become infected and inflamed. This condition is called prostatitis. It causes pelvic pain and discomfort. Some doctors believe that this inflammation happens due to the fluid being caught in the gland, not finding its way out. Prostate massage, which is also called “milking” the prostate, can help stimulate the release of the fluid. Beware! Medical prostate massage, done with the goal to get the fluid out, is pretty unpleasant. It has nothing to do with p-spot stimulation and your regular sexual experience. That’s why it makes sense to stimulate the prostate on a regular basis in order to avoid the “congestion”.

Several studies have been conducted to show the benefits of the prostate massage. However, not all contemporary doctors believe them. Some say that due to those studies being rather small-scale, the results aren’t valid. Others don’t see any results after doing the prostate massage. Before humanity discovered antibiotics and came up with other prostatitis treatment, message used to be the only way to deal with prostatitis. In many countries, such as China, prostate massage is one of the key treatments for this condition. Overall, the positive effect of the prostate massage hasn’t been proven yet. Perhaps for straight men, the mere thought of getting it may seem strange, even though they would enjoy it just as gay men do. Thankfully, for gay men getting a prostate massage on a regular basis is fun, pleasurable, and downright awesome. That’s why they can use it as a preventive measure on a regular basis.

What Are The Medical Benefits Of Prostate Massage?

If we believe the studies done in the past 20 years, the right approach to prostate massage can help you deal with such problems as:

  1. Painful Ejaculations

Massaging your p-spot on a regular basis helps avoid fluid stagnation in your reproductive system. This stagnation can cause unpleasant feelings during ejaculation thus making sex much less pleasant. Regular massage can make your orgasm colorful again.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate massage is often used to treat erectile dysfunction. It can be a solo way to deal with the problem or become one of the supplementary methods. Either way, it can work while giving you pleasure.

  1. Improper Urine Discharge

 Since prostate is located around your urethra, any problems with it, such as swelling, can lead to urination problems. Prostate stimulation could reduce the swelling and inflammation, thus restoring the urine flow.

Are There Risks To Doing Prostate Massage?

There are always certain risks of doing something for pleasure, especially when it has to do with inserting something into your body. So when you proceed with your personal prostate massage, be very careful. Using lubrication is a must. The majority of risks are associated with improper techniques and damaging the lining. That’s why taking special care to prepare for this message is highly important. Thankfully, responsible gay men already know how to take precautions when dealing with numerous anal pleasures. So prostate massage shouldn’t be a problem.

Pleasure, Sexual Benefits, And More

Now that we are done with the boring medical part, let’s go on to numerous pleasurable benefits of doing prostate massage. Even though the health benefits can inspire you to do it, pleasure is still a vital part of the process. Remember, we are not talking about the message you would get done at a doctor’s office in case you experience some unpleasant symptoms. We are talking about at-home preventive measures.

  1. Impressively Intense Orgasms

The prostate has thousands of nerve endings, making it just as sensitive as your penis, if not more. When you stimulate the prostate gland, you can experience an unforgettable orgasm. If you combine p-spot and penis stimulation, your feelings could go through the roof. While it’s hard to rate the pleasure, many men agree that the combination orgasm is the most amazing sensation they have ever experienced.

  1. Bigger Ejaculation Volume

As we already explained, prostate gland secretions make up a certain part of your ejaculation fluid. By massaging the gland, you can increase the fluid volume. The large volume of ejaculation helps intensify the orgasm. Many men report that the satisfaction from the orgasm increases with the amount of ejaculation fluid.

  1. Stronger And Longer Erections

When you stimulate the prostate, you improve the blood circulation in the pelvic area, thus making the erection stronger. When you use a special p-spot stimulation device, your whole pelvic region is being stimulated.  Part of this stimulating is toning the pelvic floor muscles. With time, you’ll notice how much longer and stronger your erections are.

  1. Spectacular P-Spot Orgasms

Did you know that you could have an orgasm without ejaculation? Prostate stimulation can help you achieve an orgasm without ejaculation thus giving you a chance to experience multiple orgasms. Usually, men can’t have multiple orgasms due to the need to recoup. However, if there is no loss or arousal due to ejaculation, a man can keep having more and more orgasms.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to medical prostate massage, you may not enjoy it. However, every man can have fun with his own personal message while preventing the unpleasant prostate conditions. If you follow the safety rules when stimulating your p-spot, you can kill two birds with one stone: experience heavenly orgasms while keeping your body extra healthy.

Warning: If you experience unpleasant symptoms, such as painful urination or ejaculation, always call your doctor first. Your at-home prostate massage may not be enough to deal with the problem.